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Quantum Technology International Conference - QTech

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All these elements are essential to the success of your conference. We take care of everything, with know-how and good humor.



It all started with an encounter in Engineering School which led to the project that became PremC. The story is being written since 2014 and we would be glad to carry on with you.  






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Since 2015, we have been growing with the scientific community as a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) specialized in research conferences and scientific conventions. If we initially started in France, in Paris, we have since opened our doors to several major international countries across Europe, such as Spain (Barcelona), Italy (Rome), Germany (Munich, Berlin), Israel (Tel Aviv) and soon Denmark (Copenhagen), in order to support more and more researchers in their fields.

Our specialization in the organization of scientific conferences is not the result of any coincidence but rather the testimony of deep admiration for the work of this community. Our mission is not only to manage your project but to save your time in the planning of the congress so that you can devote yourselves fully to the scientific program.

Precision, thoroughness, flexibility and reliability are the best witnesses to our conscientiousness as a PCO. The size of our structure is a considerable advantage in the profession and allows us to be very close to the conference chairs during the whole organization process. We are available and at your service at all times because each conference is unique, so are your needs.


We carefully select our suppliers in order to create long-term partnerships and we are proud of the network we have developed so far. There is nothing more important than being surrounded by trusted people, this is how you build quality collaborations.

We have chosen to automate all of our processes in order to optimize time, minimize the number of manual interventions and therefore drastically reduce the possibility of errors. We are at the cutting edge of technology regarding the abstracts management, logistic organization, registration process and networking activities. Our target? Making the experience of participants and yours as smooth as possible when organizing your scientific conference, congress or seminar.

The financial aspect should not be a source of concern either. We know how difficult it is to release funds from universities, which is why we vouch for you and advance cash when necessary.

It is true that the event industry, especially scientific conferences, contributes greatly to the richness of our societies: knowledge, innovation, progress and sharing are the essence of these gatherings. Unfortunately, the environmental impact of this sector remains considerable. This is why at PremC, we are constantly working to improve our practices. We are proud to see how mobilized the scientific community is for this cause and pushes us to always innovate. We have the deepest conviction that sustainable development should be at the center of all decision-making, analysis or reflection. As a philosophy of life, it is a set of values and convictions so deep that they guide all personal and professional decisions. The quote of Peter F. Drucker perfectly illustrates our vision of the business world: “Profit for a company is like oxygen for a person. If you don’t have enough of it, you’re out of the game. But if you think your life is about breathing, you’re really missing something.” So thank you for helping us to make a lasting contribution to the world of tomorrow.

In a society where excellence has become a standard and flexibility a norm, we are personally committed, as an ambassador for your organization, to enhance and promote your conference. We look forward to working with you.


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Those testimonials have been translated in English from French.

We organized a CNRS conference with PremC in a hybrid format, with simultaneous translation and video recording. We are very satisfied with this collaboration, with the efficiency and seriousness of PremC. The team listened to us and accompanied us well before and during the event.

Anne Vazeille

Scientific Administration Officer, INSHS, CNRS

Nanophotonics and Micro/Nano Optics International Conference - NANOP 2020

For our first hybrid event, PremC has provided us with incredible step-by-step support and managed to perfectly match our needs and expectations. Our collaboration has been an absolute pleasure, thanks to a team of professionals who really care and deliver high quality AV support.  

Gilles Marciniak

Deputy Director, Global Hub - France, Future Earth, CNRS, Sorbonne University, Paris

International Conference on Renewable Energy - ICREN 2020

PremC is a reactive agency and a force of proposal. Very good collaboration together. On the day of the event, PremC was the support we were waiting for with a top, professional and smiling team!

Sandra Da Costa

Marketing and Communication Officer, Sorbonne Univeristé



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