Our story:

An encounter at Uni is often the beginning of a great story. Samuel and Charif, our two protagonists met at Centrale Nantes, a prestigious Engineering French School.

Yeah, French people are quite pretentious

Anyway, from this very first day, was born a beautiful friendship. Even though both graduated students have taken different paths, it only took a few years to bring them together on a common project, PremC.

Samuel and Charif leaving Centrale Nantes
Scientific researcher complaining about organizing a scientific conference

Stay focus, here comes the interesting part


One day, Charif’s father, a scientific researcher, was complaining about how organizing a scientific conference was difficult and such a waste of time for him. Instantly, it hit them, our two fellows saw a real opportunity.

Told you it was going to be interesting

Started a long and boring period of market research, observations, and learning of the field.

Jump in time


We are now in 2015, the first conference was launch and the success was undeniable, but few arrangements needed to be done. As we say, the experience comes with practicing. It is, therefore, after many feedbacks, debriefing, challenged and good anecdotes,

You will have to make them drink first, before hearing them

That our young entrepreneurs have finally conquered the scientific community. They are friendly, dynamic, experimented, but more importantly, what you don’t want to do, they know how to.

“Conferences are like parties, everyone like to go, but only a few like to organize them.” As a “trustable” and “impartial” narrator, I leave you on that meaningful quote and, of course, strongly encourage you to write the rest of the story with them.

Launche of the first Scientific conference : Applied Nanotechnology and Nanoscience International Conference
Team of the Professional Conference Organizer : PREMC

The team


Team spirit, innovation on the field, professionalism, it really makes the difference.
More than a simple conference, choose PremC to organize your scientific events and get on board of a whole experience around Europe!
Plenary talks, posters and orals sessions, during the day and afterworks and cultural activities on the evening. The secret recipe for networking and the serious work sharing. PremC is the result of an encounter, of a friendship. Take the chance to meet us.

We could make history !