The following information is provided to assist all authors and presenters with the preparation of their presentation and all the attendees in order to ensure smooth participation in this meeting.

Once you are registered, you will be able to access the participants list by using the conference app, no need to set up anything, just click on this link. You have also the opportunity to check the program in your own timezone and build your customized version by selecting the sessions that you are interested in.

For all attendees

Please note that ZOOM will be used during this meeting, we have made a tutorial to explain how to use ZOOM. If you are not familiar with this tool, we highly recommend to test it before the meeting, our team is available to help and schedule a live test with you. Just send us an email to

Please note that all the participants are muted automatically when joining the meeting. To ask a question during the Q&A time, you just have to raise your hand in ZOOM (click here to learn how) and wait for the session chair to unmute you. If you are facing a technical issue, use the chat to get help from the technical chair.

You shall plug in your laptop charger and have your headphones with microphone near you if needed. We highly recommend to use them as a speaker, when you ask a question or in a networking room to ensure the audience hears you well.

You shall set your camera: the best angle for the camera to capture your face is from the eye-level or a little above. If needed, add some books under your computer to reach the appropriate height.

You shall get close to the camera but not too close. The camera should frame your face, neck, and shoulders. Also, you shall be at the center of the frame.

You shall light your face, and darken the space behind you: The light source should come from in front of you. Natural light is highly advised.

You shall pay attention to your background if you are at home and minimize background distractions for the audience. You can also use a virtual background customized to the conference, to do so, you have to go to the “Settings” of your ZOOM App then click on the “Virtual Background” section and add one of these pictures.

You shall modulate your voice, being too slow or too monotone will disengage people. Eye contact with the audience is essential, imagine your audience, and look directly into your computer’s camera.

You shall make sure that you are in a quiet environment: check your room acoustics, ensure there is no background noise, dogs barking, people walking by, and more.

You shall make your environment very simple and avoid any distracting object that you could be tempted to play with or touch while you are speaking to the audience like pens, pencils, etc.

If you share your internet connection with others, you shall ask if they can limit their data consumption. You shall make sure the audience is not looking at a blurry or pixelated image.

You shall put your preferred first and last name (as well as pronouns if you are inclined to) as username on ZOOM. A tutorial is available to explain how to rename yourself.

For live presentation

Purple Plenary, Award, & Invited Speakers

We shall do a test session before you go live to make basic checks (sound, video, and slides). Using the same set-up and being in the same area during the test and live sessions are highly recommended. We kindly invite you to schedule a test session at your convenience here, the test session should last about 5 minutes.

You shall be connected 15 minutes prior to the first presentation in your session to ensure your connection is working, as well as your device.

Your presentation shall last 45 minutes for the plenary, 25 minutes for the awards and invited speakers, followed by a Questions & Answers sessions of 5 minutes for all speakers. In the interest of fairness, please make sure that your whole session does not exceed 50 minutes for the plenary, 30 minutes for the award and invited speakers. You shall have a timer near you: you either have it on your cellphone or you have one on your computer.

Each live presentation is recorded, if for any reason you would like us to turn off the recording during your presentation then please send your request to this address:

For recorded presentation

Brown Guest Speakers, Red Postdoctoral, Blue Graduate & Green Undergraduate Poster

You shall follow the tutorial on how to record your presentation and send it to us before November 6th. Another tutorial is available to explain how to transfer your video presentation to us once recorded, please use this email address: may name your file with your name, followed by your first name. Example: Name_Surname.

Your presentation shall last 9 minutes for the postdoctoral, 6 minutes for the graduate, and 3 minutes for the undergraduate. The presentation duration is variable for the guest speakers, please check the program in order to get your limit of time. A live Questions & Answers sessions will be held after each cluster of 3-5 presentations, so all the presenters must be present in the room to answer the audience questions. In the interest of fairness, please note that all recorded presentations exceeding these limits will be cut.

You shall keep your slides open and ready to be shared with the audience via ZOOM during the Questions & Answers session following your presentation, just in case a question is related to a specific slide that needs to be displayed for a better discussion.

You shall be connected 15 minutes prior to the first presentation in your session to ensure your connection is working, as well as your device. Even if your presentation is recorded, the Questions & Answers sessions are live so basic checks (sound, video) will be made for you too.