Networking & Break Area

Welcome to the Networking and Break Area!

These rooms will be opened only during Break Sessions.

Once registered for the conference, you will be able to access the conference app in order to chat with the participants and schedule a meeting in the discussion rooms.

Pre-meeting Icebreaker Mixer:

Available on Tuesday November, 10th from 3PM to 4PM

Get to know your co-attendees!

During this activity, all the participants will be split in group of 4 and each group will have 5 minutes to get to know each other. Then, everyone will be call back to the main room and will be split in another group of 4. This process will be repeated over and over during one hour so that you will be able to meet a large number of colleagues.



Icebreaker Mixer Room

Thursday Evening RMRM2020 Mixer

Friday Evening RMRM2020 Award Symposium Mixer

Discussion Rooms

Welcome to the discussion rooms!

Meet with your colleagues at your convenience, we recommend using the conference app to chat with the participants and schedule a meeting in one of these rooms.

ACS National Board

ACS Regional Board

Website Communication 

NSF Program officers

Improve your presentation skills

Ensuring laboratory Safety