Welcome to EMC EUROPE 2025


On behalf of the organising committee, I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to all of you to the EMC Europe 2025 symposium in the fascinating city of Paris.

Paris, the city of light, is one of the most, if not the most, famous capital of the world. Its cultural heritage through the ages is fascinating and includes many unrivalled monuments such as the Sacré-Coeur, Notre Dame de Paris (fully restored by 2025), and, obviously, the Eiffel Tower. It is also renowned worldwide for its numerous museums including the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle and so many others. Paris is a vibrant, lively city with many typical corners to discover, as well as Parisian bars, cafés and gourmet restaurants.

The EMC Europe 2025 symposium is an essential meeting place where leading international experts, researchers and engineers will come together to share the latest scientific and contributions in the field of electromagnetic compatibility. EMC Europe 2025 is intended to be a forum for exchanges, discussions and in-depth thinking, where collaborations can be forged to meet the many challenges in this field. The program will include plenary talks on major topical issues, technical sessions, workshops and tutorials, exploring the frontiers of knowledge, covering a wide range of subjects such as measurement techniques, modelling and the management of electromagnetic risks in a world where electronics is omnipresent and underpins critical and autonomous processes.

EMC Europe 2025 is much more than gathering about a fascinating profession at the crossroads of multiple disciplines. It is also the pleasure of getting together and discovering new faces from all over the world in a friendly atmosphere.

We look forward to your active participation and once again extend a warm welcome to the EMC Europe 2025 Symposium in Paris.



Dr. Philippe Besnier,
Chair, EMC Europe 2025



1- EM Environment, Lightning, Intentional EMI & EMP, High Power Electromagnetics,

2- Transmission Lines, Cables, Crosstalk, Coupling

3- Shielding, Gasketing & Filtering, Grounding.

4- Measurement & Instrumentation, Emission and Immunity, Chambers & Cells,

5- Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology, NEMS & MEMS, Smart Sensors

6- Computational Electromagnetics, Model Validation

7- Semiconductors, PCB, Electronic Packaging & Integration, Power & Signal Integrity

8- Power Systems, Power Quality, Power Electronics, Smart Grids

9- Wired & Wireless Communications, UWB, Power Line Communications, Spectrum Management

10- Automotive, Railway Systems, Naval Systems, Aircraft & Space Systems

11- Human exposure to EM fields, Biological Effects, Medical Devices & Hospital

12- Standards and Regulations, EMC Management, EMC Education

13- Risk-Based EMC, Electromagnetic Resilience

14- EMC in Security and Safety Applications, Electromagnetic Cybersecurity

15- EMC in Industrial Environments

16- EMC in Military Applications

17- 5G, 6G and Internet of Things (IoT)

18- Wireless Power Transfer

19- Other EMC aspects

Paper Submission Deadline : 17th February 2025



















P. Besnier (IETR, CNRS, Conference Chair)

Local Organizing Committee

P. Besnier (IETR, CNRS, Conference Chair)

 L. Pichon (GeePs, CNRS, Conference Vice-Chair)

 M. Ramdani (IETR, ESEO, Conference Vice-Chair)

 R. Perdriau (IETR, ESEO, Technical Program Chair)

 M. Bensetti (GeePs, CentraleSupélec, Technical Program Co-Chair)

 G. Andrieu (XLIM, Université de Limoges)

 M. Darces (GeePs, Sorbonne Université)

 C. Hamel-Dellenbach (GeePs, Sorbonne Université)

 C. Jullien (SAFRAN)

 M. Klingler (EMC Consultant and Services)

 F. Lafon (VALEO)

 P.-E. Lévy (SATIE, ENS Paris-Saclay)

 F. Sarrazin (IETR, Université de Rennes)

 J. Sarrazin (GeePs, Sorbonne Université)

 J. Sol (IETR, INSA Rennes)

 A. Voldoire (GeePs, CentraleSupélec)

ISC Regular Members

 F. Silva (Spain), Chairman

R. Serra (The Netherlands), Vice-Chairman

P. Besnier (France)

J. Carlsson (Sweden)

B. Deutschmann (Austria)

S. Dickmann (Germany)

M. Feliziani (Italy)

H. Garbe (Germany)

F. Grassi (Italy)

Z. Joskiewicz (Poland)

M. Klingler (France)

F.B.J. Leferink (The Netherlands)

F. Maradei (Italy)

V. Mariani Primiani (Italy)

A. C. Marvin (United Kingdom)

D. Pissoort (Belgium)

D. Poljak (Croatia)

M. Pous (Spain)

F. Rachidi (Switzerland)

M. Ramdani (France)

F. Sabath (Germany)

M.S. Sarto (Italy)

R. Smolenski (Poland)

D. Thomas (UK)

K. Wiklundh (Sweden)

ISC Associates

 F.G. Canavero (Italy)

J. Catrysse (Belgium)

C. Christopoulos (United Kingdom)

M. d’Amore (Italy)

P. Degauque (France)

A.P.J. van Deursen (The Netherlands)

J.L. ter Haseborg (Germany)



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