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 In addition, the poster sessions will be a series of flash presentations played in the conference rooms (please refer to the program to see when and where these sessions will be held). At the end of each series, there will be a live Q&A regarding all the flash presentations that have been played and all authors will be present to answer your questions, the target is to create discussions and bridges between several presentations.

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Monday, November 9th

Gaudi room

Flash Session 1A

Sergii Pud

Trapping and actuation of single dielectric nanoparticles using dielectrophoresis

Andrey Anisimova

ODMR effect in spin centers of silicon carbide as sensors of magnetic fields, temperature and mechanical stresses

Olena Synhaivska

Peptides as receptors for metal ions in potentiometric chemical sensors

Anastasia Mikhaylova

Single molecule fluorescence system for determination of biogenic amines in biological samples

Alberto Sinibaldi

Real-time study of biomolecular coatings using one-dimensional photonic crystal based biosensors

Flash Session 1B

Callum Jones

A light source for quantum-enhanced single molecule detection schemes using whispering gallery modes

Paul L. Weinbrenner

Planar scanning probes for nanogap cavity microscopy

Shehla Honey

5 mev carbon ions irradiation-induced changes in properties of nickel nanowires mesh

Sagrada room

Flash Session 2A

Seoyoung Lee

Target-triggered exponential signal amplification reaction for RNA detection

Yeonkyung Park

Universal miRNA detection based on target induced toehold mediated strand displacement reactions

Hansol Kim

A novel H-shape adaptor-mediated isothermal exponential amplification reaction (HS-EXPAR) to identify target nucleic acid

Jayeon Song

Ultrasensitive insertion mutation detection by CRISPR –utilizing EXPAR in one step RT-PCR

Soohyun Kim

Multiplexed real-time detection of foodborne pathogensusing lab-on-a-disc platform

Flash Session 2B

Justyna Grzelak

Microscopy of photoactive and photoconvertible fluorescent proteins

Raffaella Polito

Bloch Surface Waves in the mid-infrared for molecular sensing

Hanna Orlikowska

Towards routine fluorescence-free imaging of biomimetic cell membranes

Anal Jana

A single benzene fluorescent probe for efficient formaldehyde sensing in living cells using glutathione as an amplifier

Denis V. Sosnovsky

Level-crossing induced spin phenomena in SiC: investigating the dependence of photoluminescence intensity on magnetic field strength

Ramblas room

Flash Session 3A

Frederic Català-Castro

Deciphering neuronal mechanotransduction pathways through dynamic tether force spectroscopy

Tal Duanis-Assaf

ForSDAT: A Fully Automated Data Analysis Toolkit for SMFS Measurements

Manuela Grelich Mucha

Label free detection of amyloid fibrils based on their intrinsic fluorescence properties

Swathi Sudhakar

Germanium nanospheres as high precision optical tweezers probes

Flash Session 3B

Madhurima Cahttopadhyay

Sensing hydration with biomimetic cell membrane

Agostino Occhicone

Study of fluid dynamics at the boundary wall of a microchannel by Bloch surface waves

Kirill V. Khaydukov

Upconversion nanoparticles for NIR-induced photopolymerization in highly turbid medium

Polina A. Demina

Upconversion nanoparticles as imaging nanosystems for nanodrugs distribution in vessels

Anna Pniakowska

Gold nanoclusters as supramolecular probes for amyloid fibrils detection

Tuesday, November 10th

Gaudi room

Flash Session 1A

Katalin Zboray

Development of a smell biosensor system for early detection of plant diseases

Xi Lu

Breakdown electrochemical etching method for processing high aspect ratio nanopores in the range 10 nm

Chan Cao

Application of pore-forming toxin in singlemolecule sensors

Narima Eerqing

Combining Ultrasensitive Single-Molecule Sensing and Super-Resolution Imaging

Kyle Briggs

Making Solid State Nanopore Research Accessible and Affordable

Maciej Lipok

Induced chiral plasmon as a new amyloid sensing method

Flash Session 1B


Protein folding unfolding phenomenon is originated by synchronization desynchronization of oscillatory phases of the van der Waals dispersion interaction. A hypothesis

Simona Frustaci

Molecular Mechanics of Enzymes

Daniel Mitchell

Measuring femto-Newton forces in enzyme turnover and its potential in highly specific pathogen detection

Sarah E. Ochmann

Optical Voltage Sensing on Biological Membranes

Xinyue Cai

DNA Nunchucks: Nano-Instrumentation for Single-Molecule Measurement of Stiffness and Bending

Sagrada room

Flash Session 2A

Armando Dias

Developing a portable SERS chip for point of care analysis of virus specific nucleic acid

Philippe Nicollier

The rising ratchet: towards particle separation with nanometer accuracy

Patryk Obstarczyk

Probing of amyloid structure-microscopy and nanoparticles

Samrat Basak

Computer Controlled Fast and Processive Bipedal Motor that Travels Long Distances

Ludwig Hüttenhofer

Anapole Excitations in Amorphous Semiconductor Nanoresonators: Tuning the Absorption for Photocatalysis in the Visible Spectrum

Flash Session 2B

Sybren Santermans

Controlling surface-enhanced charge screening to realize single-molecule sensing with silicon FET sensors

Yves Borensztein

Increasing the limit of detection of LSPR sensors by use of anisotropic array of Au nanoparticles

Edyta Pyrak


Shilo Ohayon

On chip protein separation with single molecule resolution

Ekaterina Zossimova


Session 2