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Book of Abstracts

Find the book of abstracts of this year of the QTech 2020 Conference.


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Networking app

You can check the schedule adjusted to your time zone, access the participants’ list, and chat with your colleagues from now. It works from all devices and no need for any download!


Online conference program

Conference Program

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Online conference advices and best practice

Practical Information

Find here instructions and best practices to prepare your conference.

Online conference program

Welcome Word !

Here is the Welcome Word from the Chair of QTech 2020


Online conference advices and best practice

Open positions offers and candidates

A room in the networking and break area will be dedicated to each lab offering a position and you will be able to meet the lab representatives there. More offers will be available soon.

Kiutra GmbH

Quantum Machines

Zurich Instruments

EPJ Quantum Technology

Single Quantum

Time zone management

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