Cultural side events

Women illustrators exhibition

As any year, IAFFE has organized an artwork competition on the occasion of the Annual Conference. The winner of this year’s competition is Stella (Venturo) Littlepoints,  an artist whose work has evolved from pencil (or pen) drawings on notebooks to digital illustration.
However, all artists deserve our attention; that is why MinervaLab, as local host of IAFFE Rome,
has organized an exhibition of artworks by the three women illustrators who took part in the competition: 
Marta Bianchi, Marta Cavicchioni and Stella Venturo.
The exhibition will take place in the Sapienza Theater from 3 to 5 July. 

Marta Bianchi

I am a freelance illustrator. I love mixing different stylistic registers and graphic techniques. For me, drawing is the tool with which to convey emotions and evoke imaginary worlds, but it is also a powerful means of raising awareness to talk about social issues. I am currently collaborating with ‘Studio Moonchausen’ in the creation of illustrations for an animated short film that deals with the theme of gender-based violence within prison contexts in the UK. In 2020 I published ‘Faith’, an illustrated book that tells the story of a woman trafficked for sexual exploitation. When I am not drawing, I love to walk in the woods.

Marta Cavicchioni

I am a marginal and independent artist. My positioning (visionary transfeminist, anti-speciesist and anti-macho cyclist) is the substance and material of every work I create. I am a set designer, illustrator, papier-mâché artist, sculptor, land and street artist. I make animations. I am vulnerable. I don’t think we need a list of the opportunities provided by a deeply patriarchal and capitalist system to look at what we do. I am uncomfortable wherever there is no path of deconstruction, starting with us. We can imagine something else and I am trying to practice it, defecting with affection.

Stella Venturo.

I am an illustrator from Rome but live in Genoa since many years. For a long time, I dedicated myself to painting (pop surrealism). I currently work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, but my work always starts with pens, pencils and anything else you can draw on. Over the years I have collaborated with: CCBF 2024, Genova Slam, Edizioni del Faro, NEO, ZOE, Readrink Edizioni, Millegru Edizioni and others. I love crows, the number 3 and ice cream.

Women in the Resistance in Rome

MinervaLab, as local host of IAFFE 2024, has made an agreement with ANPI (Associazione Nazionale Partigiani/e Italiani/e) to host in Sapienza the exhibition Donne R-Esistenti  a Roma, a journey through stories that tells the role of women in the Roman Resistance.

Many images were selected, coming from German, Italian, Anglo-American sources and merged in the panels created by the volunteers of the Civil Service, who work with the Anpi of Rome, coordinated by Morena Terraschi, member of the presidency of ANPI – RomeEighty years after the fight for the Liberation of Rome, the exhibition brings us into the reality of those dramatic months, making us feel the discomfort of knowing personal choices, of adhesions suffered despite being felt collectively, of a constant fear of annihilation.

The exhibition will be hosted in the Faculty of Law, next to Aula Falcone-Borsellino, from 3 to 5 July.