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The posters will be available before and during the whole conference. You can check them at any time.

 In addition, the poster sessions will be a series of flash presentations played in the conference rooms (please refer to the program to see when and where these sessions will be held). At the end of each series, there will be a live Q&A regarding all the flash presentations that have been played and all authors will be present to answer your questions, the target is to create discussions and bridges between several presentations.

You will find below all the posters sorted by room and session. Please note that you can display the entire poster by clicking on the poster picture.

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Friday, November 27th


Colosseum room

Flash Session 1A

Hanan Abdurehman Tariq

Microwave-Assisted Chemical Synthesis of Lithium Manganese Oxide – MXene Composite for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Gergana Kostadinova

Carbene Dimers – Thinker Toys For Designing Singlet Fission Materials For Efficient Organic Solar Cells

Joanna Stoycheva

Chemical Functionalization And Topology: A New Strategy For High-Performance Organic Photovoltaic Materials

Reziwanguli Aihemaitituoheti

Effects of Electrospinning Parameters on Morphological and Electrochemical Properties of Nickel Oxide Nanofibers for Flexible Supercapacitors

Hristo Rasheev

Modelling of mixed electrolytes for hybrid metal-ion batteries

Flash Session 1B

Sarah A. Alshehri

Modification of carbon electrodes using anthraquinone with lithium ions for a hybrid battery/supercapacitor

Muhammad Shoaib Rafiq

Experimental Investigation of Convective Heat Transfer using Ethylene Glycol based Nano-fluid

Selale Elcin Sungur

Nano-Structural Innovation for Future Nano-Architecture

Julia Romanova

Prescreening Model For Efficient Organic Photovoltaic Chromophores Based On Their Diradical Character

Friday, November 27th


Trevi room

Flash Session 2A

Kerry A. Sado

Photovoltaic Panels Tilt Angle Optimization

Athanasios Kotsaras

Optimal Reactive Power Control in Renewable Energy Sources: Comparing a metaheuristic versus a deterministic method

Seongwoo Woo

Reliability Design Of Mechanical Systems Subjected To Repetitive Stresses

Navid Salehi

Optimization of a Microgrid Integrated with Renewable Energies with PSO

Sławomir Wnuk

The 2-layer thermoelectric generator structure application for photovoltaics cells cooling and energy recovery

Chika Maduabuchi

High Performance Solar Thermoelectric Generator Using Asymmetrical Variable Leg Geometries

Flash Session 2B

Hector Sepulveda

Trends in Off-Grid Hybrid Electric Generation Systems for Remote Communities

Neelu Nagpal

Short-Term Electricity Demand Prediction Using Modified Hidden Markov Model

Derrick Cheriberi

Social –Economic Impacts of Energy and Demand Growth, Call for Energy Mix in Uganda

Friday, November 27th


Medici room

Flash Session 3A

Johan Betancour Osorio

Comparison of simulation methodologies for the design of hydraulic turbines

Amine Doulfikar

Solar Power Generation System for the Canadian Space Agency STRATOS Program

Mikhail Athallah

BIWEG about Tunda Island

Mohammed Younes

Effects of Heat Accompanied by High UV on Lifetime of c-Si PV

Belhadj Chekal Affari

Testing of classical MPPT techniques using Proteus model of PV system


Thermal Performance of a Solar Air Heater: Mathematical Model and Solution Procedure

Flash Session 3B

Vikram Yadav

Analysis Of Cascade Failure and Distributed Generators Placement for Its Mitigation

Poras Khetarpal

Application of IoT (Internet of things) and Big data technology in smart grid and renewable energy integration.

Seo Yeon Cho

Mathematical analysis of Fuel cell system for application to the unmanned aerial vehicles

Danut Grecea

Use of Hydrogen as a Source of Clean Energy

M. Safa-Gamal

H2-free Catalytic Deoxygenation of PFAD over Activated Carbon-Supported Co-Ag Catalyst for Green Diesel Production