Welcome to the World Conference on Carbon 2025!

Every year, scientists from the academic and industrial worlds dealing with carbon materials gather to exchange views on all aspects of this fascinating element, from the various materials synthesis processes to their applications, including their characterization and understanding of their properties.

After the Americas (Cancun) in 2023 and Asia (Shenzhen) in 2024, the 2025 edition comes back to Europe and is jointly organized by the Société Francophone d’Étude des Carbones (SFEC) and the University of Rennes, on behalf of the European Carbon Association (ECA). We are delighted to bring the carbon community together in the magnificent historic city of Saint-Malo for, much certainly, a very successful edition of this annual conference.

The scientific program and the social events will provide excellent opportunities to share new results, start or expand fruitful collaborations in all the research and development fields of carbon materials. We are looking forward to meeting you in Saint-Malo (Brittany, France) from June 29th to July 4th, 2025.
On behalf of the whole Organizing Committee,

Nathalie Job,
Conference Chair
Chair of the Société Francophone d’Étude des Carbones


1- Carbon & biology, medicine, safety
Therapy, imaging, toxicity, etc.

2- Carbon & environment
Depollution, eco-conception, sustainability, life-cycle analysis, ecotoxicity, sensors, etc.

3- Carbon & electrochemical processes and technologies
Batteries and capacitors, fuel cells, functionalization, electrochemical sensors, etc.

4- Carbon & catalysis
Photocatalysis, CO2   conversion, electrocatalysis, etc.

5- Carbon & electronics
Transistors, field-emission, etc.

6- Innovations in synthesis, processing, characterization, and modelling
3D printing, in situ monitoring, coupled techniques, machine learning, etc.

7- Innovative materials
New carbons, heterocarbons, heteromaterials, MXenes, etc.

8- Carbon for structural applications and thermal management
Fibers and composites, granular carbon, extreme environments, nuclear applications, tribology, etc.

9- Carbon nanoforms
Graphene, nanotubes, fullerenes, carbon blacks, soot, nanodiamonds, nanodots, etc.

10- Kerogens, coals, cokes, graphite, carbonization/graphitization processes sp³ C-rich carbons
Diamond, diamond-like carbon, etc.

11- Perspectives on raw materials sourcing for carbon & graphite and industrial processes


Submission deadline: February 21st , 2025

Notification to authors: March 24th , 2025

Early bird registration deadline: April 18th , 2025

Registration deadline: May 16th , 2025

Conference: June 29th – July 4th , 2025


















Nathalie JOB – University of Liège

Organizing Committee Members

Conchi ANIA – CNRS, Orléans

Jean-Charles ARNAULT – CEA Saclay

Philippe AZAIS – CEA Grenoble

Sandrine BERTHON-FABRY – Mines Paris – PSL

Sylvie BONNAMY – CNRS, University of Orléans

Colin BOUSIGE – CNRS, University of Lyon

Michel CATALDI – ArianeGroup

Alain CELZARD – University of Lorraine/Jean Lamour Institute

Laurent DUCLAUX – University of Savoie Mont Blanc

Florence GENESTE – CNRS, University of Rennes

Philippe HAPIOT – CNRS, Université of Rennes

Corinne LAGROST – CNRS, University of Rennes

Yann LEROUX – CNRS, University of Rennes

Jean-Marc LEYSSALE – CNRS, University of Bordeaux

Marc MONTHIOUX – CNRS, University of Toulouse

Alain PENICAUD – Consultant