ANNIC 2018 will upgrade 6 oral presentations to invited talks! They will be chosen among the best-submitted abstracts based on the Scientific Committee marks and the Chairs Committee approval. The criteria are technical merit, originality and novel perspectives, impact and interest for the scientific research.Their authors will double their speaking time, will benefit from the “Invited Talk” status and will have their registration fees reimbursed.

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In addition, the 3 below speakers will be invited to lead a session dedicated to colloidal nanocrystals and their applications in the context of the EC project COMPASS. They are all prominent members of this project that aims at colloidal nanomaterials and unites key players in Europe and the US to advance this research field and its exploitation in photonics, sensing, energy conversion and medicine. Choose the topic “Colloidal nanocrystals” while submitting your abstract to get a chance to give a talk at this session.

Dr. Andrej Singer

Cornell University, USA

Andrej Singer received his Ph.D. degree (2012) in Physics from the University of Hamburg, Germany in the lab of Prof. Edgar Weckert and Prof. Ivan Vartanyants, following a Physics diploma from the University of Muenster, Germany. He studied the properties of new x-ray sources, particularly their ability to generate interference patterns, similar to lasers in optics. He then worked as a Postdoc in the lab of Prof. Oleg Shpyrko at the University of California San Diego and applied coherent x-ray scattering techniques to study a wider range of materials, spanning from fundamental correlated electron materials and applied “real” materials in operando devices to photonic crystals, in particular those present in nature.

Talk title: Nanoscale dynamics in quasi-periodic complex materials

Prof. Jonathan Owen

Columbia University, USA

Jonathan Owen obtained a BS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2000 and a PhD from Caltech in 2005, Following his PhD, he was a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Professor Paul Alivisatos at UC Berkeley. In 2009 he joined the faculty at Columbia University where he is currently Associate Professor of Chemistry. His group studies the coordination chemistry of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals and the mechanism of their nucleation and growth. He has received several awards including The 3M Nontenured Faculty Award (2010); The Early Career Award from the Department of Energy (2011); The DuPont Young Faculty Award (2011); A Career Award from the National Science Foundation (2012); The Award in Pure Chemistry from the American Chemical Society (2016).

Talk title: Real-Time Monitoring of Colloidal Quantum Dot Nucleation and Growth


Dr. Alexander Weber-Bargioni

UC Berkeley, USA

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