The following information is provided to assist all the attendees in order to ensure smooth participation in this online gathering.

Using Interactio: please use Google Chrome browser to ensure that the plenary room works properly.

Asking a question: you can ask a question through the chat button on the right of your screen.

Selecting your preferred language: on the bottom left corner, you can select the language you would like to listen to (floor ie no translation, English, French or Spanish). Please make sure to speak the language of the channel you are listening to.

Background: please pay attention to your background if you are at home and minimize background distractions for the audience, select a quiet place with no background noise, and avoid any distractions.

Setting up your devices: please plug in your laptop charger and have your headphones with a microphone near you if needed, we highly recommend using them as a speaker, when you ask a question or in a networking room to ensure the audience hears you well. With ethernet

Setting up your camera: please set your camera: the best angle for the camera to capture your face is from the eye-level or a little above. If needed, add some books under your computer to reach the appropriate height. You shall get close to the camera but not too close. The camera should frame your face, neck, and shoulders. Also, you shall be at the center of the frame.

Turning off your camera if you encounter connection issues: please turn off your camera if you have problems with your internet connection during the meeting. Your connection will be better if you only have essential programs opened.

Considering the light: light your face and darken the space behind you: The light source should come from in front of you. Natural light is highly advised.

Naming yourself: put your real first and last name as a username. If you represent a country, please indicate the name of the country first and then your name.

Testing the connection speed: Please check here your internet speed is of at least 10 MB upload/download