Launched in 2015 by the European Union, the National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN) initiative has the goal to support partner countries of the global SUN movement in their progress towards the Agenda 2030 for SDG 2: “End hunger, achieve food security, improved nutrition, and promotion of sustainable agriculture.”

As the NIPN phase II of the initiative has now begun, the launch aims to: officially mark the start of this second phase of the NIPN initiative. The launch event will also provide an opportunity for NIPN Implementing Partners to share lessons learnt from Phase I, and their common vision and main expectations for Phase II plus present key outcomes of the NIPN Global Gathering taking place from 4 – 6 October.

For any questions about NIPN, please consult the website or get in touch directly through

The launch will start on the 11th of October at 1:00 PM (CET time)








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