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Tuesday, July 6th

Session 1-A – Plenanry Room

Savannah Weeks

Characterization of the Escherichia coli XPD/Rad3 ironsulfur helicase, YoaA, in complex with the DNA
polymerase III clamp loader subunit, χ

Nina Bonde

Searching for synthetic lethality in Escherichia coli strains lacking uup, radD, or recG

Elijah Newcomb

SSB increases Escherichia coli clamp loader lifetime on DNA, and is rapidly remodeled

Ankita Chadda

The Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA-repair helicase UvrD1 is activated by redox-dependent dimerization via a 2B domain cysteine conserved in other Actinobacteria

Veena Subramanian

Cell-cycle-regulated interaction of the Bloom syndrome helicase with Mcm6 controls DNA replication speed and is essential for the DNA-damage response.

Session 1-B – Room 2

Hamza Balci

A Single Molecule Investigation of Structure and Accessibility of Long Telomeric Overhangs

Lei Li

DEAD box 1 (DDX1) Stabilizes Cytoplasmic mRNAs During Oxidative Stress

Heng-Chi Lee

VASA helicase GLH-1 drives the phase separation of perinculear germ granules to promote the fidelity of piRNA-mediated genome surveillance

Qing Feng

Genome-wide impact of DExH-box RNA helicases on RNA splicing and quality control

Mariarosa De Falco

Intriguing synergic and opposing activities of RecQ-like DNA helicase Hel112 in combination with enzymes involved in different DNA metabolism activities

Session 1-C – Room 3

Aaron Morgan

Kinetics of Nucleotide Binding to the gp16 ATPase

Nora Halgasova

Three charged amino acid residues at the extreme C-terminus of the BFK20 gp41 helicase play a role in the ATPase activity of the protein

Jeannette Kappenberger

How to limit the speed of a motor – the intricate regulation of the XPB ATPase and translocase in TFIIH

Saikrishnan Kayarat

A rotary-mechanism for GTP hydrolysis by the AAA+ protein McrB stimulated by the endonuclease McrC

Tulika Das

Insertion of a flexible linker alters winged helix domain dynamics affecting substrate binding and unwinding activity of human RECQ1

Wednesday, July 7th

Session 2-A – Plenary Room

Emile Alghoul

SLX4 forms SUMOylation factories via liquid phase separation

Nikita Vaulin

Motif I of the Cas3 SF2 helicase domain regulates directionality of Cas3 movement during CRISPR interference and primed adaptation

Sourav Saha

Human DNA/ RNA Topoisomerase TOP3-beta (TOP3B) is coordinated with the DEAD-box Helicases DDX5 and DDX6 to resolve R-Loops

Alexander Duckworth

A 3.2 Å structure of the PriA/PriB/replication fork complex reveals mechanistic insight into bacterial DNA replication restart

Sonia Vidushi Gupta

Functional interaction between Sgs1 and Sod2 in the suppression of oxidative-damage-induced chromosomal rearrangements and mitochondrial abnormalities in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Pedro Heringer

The evolutionary origins of Pif1 helicases from Helitron transposons

Session 2-B – Room 2

Paulina Duhita Anindita

Structural snapshots of ATPase cycle of tick-borne encephalitis virus NS3 helicase

Rebecca Lee

Biochemical studies of the COVID-19 Nsp13 helicase required for coronavirus replication

Marco Halbeisen

Mechanism of RNA mediated phosphate release from the active site of the tick-borne encephalitis virus helicase

Brandon Malone

Structural basis for backtracking by the SARS-CoV-2 replication-transcription complex

Dong-Eun Kim

Unwinding of duplex nucleic acids by cooperative translocation of SARS coronavirus helicase nsP13 is modulated with ATP concentration

Session 2-C – Room 3

Martina Valentini

The DEAD-box RNA helicase RhlE2 is a global regulator of Pseudomonas aeruginosa lifestyle and pathogenesis

Wiebke Obermann

The DEAD-box RNA helicase eIF4A is a promising host target for the development of potent broad-spectrum antivirals

Marc Boudvillain

Structural basis for resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rho to bicyclomycin

Chi-Lin Tsai

EXO5-DNA Structure and BLM Interactions Direct DNA Resection Critical for ATR-dependent Replication Restart

Heinz Nasheuer

The functional cooperation of SV40 T antigen monomers and hexamers is essential for viral DNA replication

Thursday, July 8th

Session 3-A – Plenary Room

Lorena Novoa-Aponte

Analysis of the iron chaperone PCBP1 interactome: intersection of DNA repair and iron trafficking

Remi Fritzen

How XPD helicase responds to DNA damage and base composition

Lubna Yasmin

DNA damage repair and DEAD Box 1 (DDX1) in embryonic development

Megan Behrmann

Directed E. coli DnaB exterior surface mutations effect helicase conformation and regulate behavior to preserve genome stability in vivo

Xiangrong Chen

Uncovering an allosteric mode of action for a selective inhibitor of human Bloom syndrome protein

Robert Simmons

The roles of Hrq1 in ICL repair

Session 3-B – Room 2

Rachel Cueny

Systematically mapping G-quadruplex regulatory elements on E. coli transcripts

Ignacio Mir Sanchis

The structure of self-loading MCM-like helicases encoded by staphylococcal virus satellites reveals unique and conserved motions

Ya-chang Chou

A Mechanical Mechanism for Translocation of Hexameric and Nonstructured Helicases

Nicole Fazio

The E. coli RecBCD nuclease domain regulates DNA binding and helicase activity, but not ssDNA translocation

Jochen Kuper

The Arch domain of XPD: A regulatory multitool that is mechanistically essential for transcription and DNA repair

Friday, July 9th

Session 4-A – Plenary Room

Sonisilpa Mohapatra

Engineering photo-controlled Rep helicase

Jin Yu

Transcription engine and factor protein stepping along DNA revealed from computational microscope

Matthew Thompson

Human DNA Helicase B aids replication of G-quadruplexes

Stefan Mueller

Rapid single-molecule characterisation of nucleic-acid enzymes

Maria Mañosas

Tradeoff between dissipation and uncertainty in helicases

Momcilo Gavrilov

Rapid helicase-SSB assisted isothermal amplification of long DNA fragments

Session 4-B – Room 2

Martina Schroeder

The human DEAD-box helicase 3 interacts with ER-alpha and regulates its activity

Jonathan Schatz

Proteomics Reveal Rocaglate Inhibitors of the eIF4A1 DEAD-box RNA Helicase Remodel the Translation Machinery and Translatome

Florian Pontheaux

Translation of the eIF4B mRNA drives cell division dynamics in sea urchin embryos

Jun Gao

G-quadruplex DNA inhibits unwinding activity but promotes liquid-liquid phase separation by the DEAD-box helicase Ded1p

Anirban Chakraborty

Correlating the conformational dynamics of the DEAD-box helicase eIF4A with translation efficiencies

Linda Krause

Dissecting the role of the eIF4E/5ʹ-cap interaction for eIF4A activity with a model RNA