Networking Area

Welcome to the Networking Area!

It is very important to keep interactions between community members, you will find different options below:

Open positions rooms: discuss with the labs that are offering positions or with possible candidates for your lab. Offers and CVs will be collected prior to the conference, please send us an email at if you are interested

Pictionary room: play with your colleagues at your convenience

Speed Networking room: meet a maximum of colleagues in a short time

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Pictionary and Speed Networking Rooms

Welcome to yhe Pictionary and SpeedNetworking rooms! In the Pictionary room, you will get the chance to play the game with other participants, it will be a good opportunity to meet new colleagues.

The speed networking activity will be held on Friday, April 9th.

Pictionary Room 

Speed Networking Room 

Open positions Rooms

Are you looking for a new position or are you interested in meeting candidates for a position that your lab is offering?

The following rooms are dedicated to ease the matching between the labs and the candidates.