Welcome to the 5th International Course on Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation and 3rd international course on Genome Instability and Human Diseases Dashboard

In 2021, two international Curie courses’ teams, the 5th International Course on Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation and the 3rd international course on Genome Instability and Human Diseases joined forces to create a special edition in real-time virtual format (Paris time).

This edition aims at providing advanced knowledge on both post-transcriptional gene regulation and maintenance of genome stability, from molecular mechanisms to large-scale approaches. The mutual interactions between the DNA damage response and the metabolism of RNAs will also be illustrated.

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Start networking before the conference!

In order to ease the communication and networking with the other attendees, you will have access to an online chat platform. This chat will be divided into several channels with different topics and will keep the discussion history. Just click on the button below to access the chat, no installation is needed but you will have to ask for permission to join before.


Speed Networking:

During this activity, all the participants will be split into small groups and each group will have a few minutes to get to know each other. Then, everyone will be called back to the main room and will be split another time. This process will be repeated over and over for one hour so that you will be able to meet a large number of colleagues.


How does it work?

This dashboard has been built with the target of duplicating the same environment as an in-person conference, you will find below the usual conference areas: welcome desk, conference rooms, coffee break & networking rooms…
Each participant will be able to join the area she/he is interested in by simply clicking on the corresponding button.

It is very important to keep a maximum of human interactions, that is why a welcome desk room where you can talk with a staff member is available to help you.
If you encounter any technical issue to connect to the welcome desk room then use the chat room, it should appear on the bottom right corner of this page during the conference days.

The conference will start on April 12th at 9 AM (CEST)









 La Société Française du Cancer (SFC)

Everything You Need In One Place

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Online conference program

Conference program

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Online conference code of conduct

Code of conduct

Please be respectful with other participants and the confidentiality of your colleague’s work.

Online conference advices and best practice

Process of participation

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