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The following information is provided to assist speakers in preparing their presentations as well as all participants in order to ensure a technically smooth virtual conference. Once connected, please put your real first and last name as a username. 


Using ZOOM: Please note that ZOOM will be used during this meeting, we have made a tutorial to explain how to use ZOOM. If you are not familiar with this tool then we highly recommend testing it before the conference. Our team is available to help and schedule a live test with you from now, just send us an email at

Naming yourself: You should put your real first and last name as a username on ZOOM. If you represent a country or an organization, please indicate the name of the country or organization first and then your name. A tutorial is available to explain how to rename yourself.

Asking a question: Please note that all the participants are muted during the meeting. If you want to ask a question during the Q&A session, please use the chat.

Interpretation: Please choose the canal corresponding to the language of your choice.  A button named “Interpretation” will be available in the menu on the bottom of your ZOOM window. You just need to click on it to choose your language. Two options are available: English and French. A tutorial is available to explain how to use interpretation on ZOOM.


Room conference: The address of the conference room can be found here

Security: Thank you to print your confirmation of registration email to go through the security check and access the conference rooms.

Interpretation: Some headsets will be available if you want to follow the conference either in French or in English.