Organizing Partners

Over the last 12 years, ENRIO has grown from a small group of leading professionals into one of the key players that are advancing research integrity in Europe. The network has successfully built a mission, membership and activities that are comparable to some of the other key research associations in Europe. Since the network’s inception in 2008, ENRIO has rapidly enlarged its membership. Today, the network has 31 members who are spread across 23 countries. This membership development has increased the influence and impact of the network. In 2020 ENRIO became a legal established association enabling it to create an effective long-term strategy for the future of the network, and for the advancement of research integrity in Europe. During a transitional phase from 2020-2022, the old network will co-exist with the association.

ENRIO was founded right after the 1st World Conference on Research Integrity in Lisbon, Portugal in 2007. It began as an initiative by the then director of the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) and six persons who are being concerned with research integrity. They decided to establish an (informal) European Network to enhance research integrity within Europe in a world with growing international cooperation.

ENRIO aims to:

  • Promoting the exchange of information and experiences between the members
  • Share information and good practices in raising awareness
  • Share knowledge in handling allegations of research misconduct
  • Promoting training and education with regard to research integrity
  • Supporting and advising countries that lack a national structure
  • Build up relationship with other organisations with European or global interests in research integrity

The French Office for Research Integrity (OFIS) contributes to the definition of the national research integrity policy. It supports all the actors who contribute to the compliance with the rules that guarantee honest, rigorous, reliable and credible research. The whole ecosystem creates the conditions for this compliance: researchers, institutions, funding agencies, publishers, assessment agencies, public authorities, media, whistle-blowers, research integrity officers, etc. To build and share a common culture of research integrity, the OFIS missions are organised into three main categories : observatory, resources, animation and prospective studies.
The OFIS was created in 2017 as a department of the Hcéres, and represents France in the European and international cooperation bodies in this area. The OFIS has a board, the French Council for Research Integrity (CoFIS) which guides and supervises its work.

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