Conference Programme Overview


We are glad to inform that we have received a high number of abstracts for this International Conference on Renewable Energy edition.

Though most abstracts focus on the scientific/technical aspect, some of them are social/political/economic oriented. This will be a great opportunity for the audience to have a comprehensive overview of what Renewable Energy research is about today.

Plenary Speakers

A high profile and experienced senior researchers from all around the world will deliver speech related to the hottest topics:

Prof. Joan Ramon Morante, Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC)

Energy and environment friendly materials research for sustainable chemical energy storage

Prof. Pere Roca i Cabarrocas, École Polytechnique, France

Low-Temperature Plasma Processes: From Silicon Thin Films to Epitaxial Growth and Nanostructure for Photovoltaics

Prof. Wilhelm Warta, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Germany

Challenging the Limits of Silicon Solar Cell Performance

Prof. Frede Blaabjerg, Aalborg University, Denmark

Power Electronics — The Key Technology For Renewable Energy System Integration

Prof. Teresa Andreu, Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC)

Nanocatalysts to turn carbon dioxide and water to carbon-neutral synthetic fuels

Prof. AbuBakr S. Bahaj, University of Southampton, UK

Renewable Energy across Scales

Prof. Deborah Jones, Université de Montpellier, France

Solving Materials Challenges for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

Prof. Carlo L. Bottasso, Wind Energy Institute, Technische Universität München, Germany

The largest rotating machines on Earth

Prof. Li Lu, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Solid state electrolyte for solid state batteries and air batteries

Prof. Patrice Simon, Paul Sabatier University, France

3D and 2D materials for electrochemical capacitors

Prof. Jenny Nelson, Imperial College London, UK

Coming soon

Prof. Yury Gogotsi, Drexel University, USA

New 2D Materials for Storage and Harvesting of Electrical Energy

Prof. Andreu Cabot, Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC)

Coming soon

ICREN Roundtable


Energy materials research for an effective social energetic transition

Three or four experts from different fields will be in charge of leading this roundtable, the identity of the invited experts will be announced during the last week of March.

Submitted Abstracts


Photovoltaic and solar energy systems


Advanced materials for energy storage, generation and transmission


Bioenergy and biofuels and Biomass conversion technologies


Wind energy technology and impact on environment


Smart grid and electric transportation


Thermal energy and building performance


Hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology applications 


Energy recycling systems

  • Design And Development Of A Novel Centrifuge Ablative Pyrolysis Approach For Biomass Conversion To Bio-Oil And Bio-Char (Dr. Murlidhar Gupta, Canmetenergy, Natural Resources Canada, Canada)
  • Use Of Acidic Ion-Exchange Resins In The Transformation Of Biomass Into Biofuels (Prof. Fidel Cunill, University Of Barcelona, Spain)
  • Energy Assessment For A 300-Mw Wind Farm In Mountainous Area (Dr. Matteo Ranaboldo, Ul Renewables, Spain)
  • Bio-Valorization Of Co2 For The Sustainable Production Of Biomethane As An Alternative Bioenergy Storage System (Mr. Pau Bosch-Jimenez, Leitat Technological Center, Spain)
  • A Comparative Analysis Of Heat Recovery And Product Stabilization In Fluid-Bed And Ablative Pyrolysis Systems (Dr. Murlidhar Gupta, Canmetenergy, Natural Resources, Canada)
  • Production Of Liquid Biofuels By Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal Liquefaction Of Pine And Spruce Biomass (Dr. Javier Remón, University Of York, United Kingdom)
  • Production Of Value-Added Chemicals By Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal Valorisation Of Glycerol (Dr. Javier Remón, University Of York, United Kingdom)
  • Structure – Protonic Conductivity Correlations In Perfluorinated Sulfopolymer Electrolyte Membranes With Shorter Side Chains (Dr. Alexey Melnikov, Institute Of Prolems Of Chemical Physics Ras, Ul. Academica Semenova, Russian Federation)
  • Bioengineering Of Yeast Cell For Biodiesel Production (Dr. Priya Kumari, International Centre For Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology, India)
  • Biomass Residue Characterization For Their Potential Application As Biofuels (Mr. Mudasir Shah, National Institute Of Technology Srinagar Kashmir, India)
  • Strategies Towards High Yield Syngas Production From Solar Co2 Recycling (Dr. Félix Urbain, IREC, Catalonia Institute For Energy Research, Spain)
  • Features Of The Heat Release Element Fabrication Process Based On Thermite Materials For Thermoelectric Devices (Mr. Egor Lebedev, National Research University Of Electronic Technology, Russian Federation)
  • Economic Potentials Of Natural Resources In The 21 Century: A Socio- Legal Perspective (Dr. Samuel Dike, Rivers State University, United Kingdom)
  • Hybrid Renewable Power Systems For Generation Of Own Power By Small And Medium-Scale Enterprises (Mr. Archishman Bose, Innoenergy / Politecnico Di Torino, Sweden)
  • An Integrated Green Technology For Biomass Valorization And Biorefinery (Dr. Adepu Kiran Kumar, Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute, India)
  • Influence Of The Open Jet Inlet On The Wind Turbines Experiments (Mr. Victor Mendoza, Uppsala University, Sweden)
  • The Cosin Project: Synthetic Natural Gas Production From Biogas In A Waste Water Treatment Plant In Barcelona (Dr. Jordi Guilera, Catalonia Institute For Energy Research (Irec), Spain)
  • Transition Metal Ammoniates – A Novel Class Of High-Performance Thermochemical Energy Storage Materials (Dr. Danny Müller, Technische Universität Wien, Austria)
  • Mechanical, Transport And Crossover Properties Of Aquivion Type Proton-Exchanged Membranes (Prof. Vitaly Sinitsyn, Institute Of Solid State Physics Ras, 142432, Ul. Akademica Osypyana 2; Institute Of Prolems Of Chemical Physics Ras, 142432, Ul. Academica Semenova 1, Russian Federation)
  • Solar E-Cooking: Solar Home System Integrated Clean Cooking Using Solar Pv (Prof. Mohammad Khan, United International University, Bangladesh)
  • Feasibility Approach Of Power Generation From Solar Thermal Wind Tower: Inclusive Impact Assessment Concerning Environmental And Economic Costs (Mr. Islam Elsayed, Yokohama National University, Japan)
  • Foldable Wind Turbine Blade (Mr. Rezvan Gharehbaghi, University Of Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • Polyethylene Glycol / Calcium Carbonate Composite As A Form Stable Phase Change Material For Thermal Energy Storage (Ms. Madhura Deshpande, Defence Institute Of Advanced Technology, Deemed University, Pune, India)
  • Wind Turbine Scaling For The Investigation Of Vortex Shedding And Wake Interactions (Ms. Sarah Fitzpatrick, University Of Glasgow, United Kingdom)
  • Evaluation Of Energy Crop Hybrid Poplar For Non-Energy Application (Prof. Siqun Wang, University Of Tennessee, United States)
  • Processing Of Prussian Blue-Type Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysts (Mrs. Li-Juan Han, Institute Of Chemical Research Of Catalonia (Iciq), Spain)
  • Laccase-Mediator Assisted Enzymatic Hydrolysis Of Aqueous Ammonia Soaking Pretreated Sugarcane Bagasse At High Solids Concentration And Fermentation To Bio-Ethanol By Candida Tropicalis (Mr. Kanak Raj, IIt Madras, India)
  • Parametric Study On A Tube-Bank Heat Exchanger Design For Energy Storage Using Phase Change Materials (Dr. Noureddine Ben Abdallah, Faculty Of Engineering, Dalhousie University, Canada)
  • Biodiesel Production From A Novel Halotolerant Oleaginous Yeast (Ms. Megha Bedi, IIt Madras, India)
  • Theoretical Energetic Potential Estimation For 11 Towns In The Colombian Niz Using The Hilbert Huang Transform (Mr. Miguel Angel Rodriguez Bernal, Fundación Universidad Autónoma De Colombia, Colombia)
  • A Mip Formulation Of A Hybrid Ac-Dc Offshore Wind Power Plant Topology (Mr. Josep Homs Moreno, Catalonia Institute For Energy Research (Irec), Spain)
  • Comparative Studies Of Cu-Cl Thermochemical Water Decomposition Cycles For Hydrogen Production (Dr. Funmilayo Osuolale, Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria)
  • On The Homogenization Of Turbulent Flow Structures Within A Model Wind Farm (. Huiwen Liu, Hohai University, China)
  • Complementarity Between Solar Field And Duct Burner In Iscc Power Plants (Dr. Fouad Khaldi, University Of Batna 1, Algeria)
  • Nowcasting The Output Power Of Pv Systems (Prof. Marius Paulescu, West University Of Timisoara, Romania)
  • Sequential Extraction Of Microalgae Biomass Grown In Pig Manure Wastewater Treatment: A Step Further Towards A Bio-Refinery Into Added-Value Products (Ms. Judit Martin, University Of Valladolid, Spain)
  • Solar Photovoltaics And Home Lighting Fuel Choices: Evidence From Rural Households In Rwanda (Ms. Fydess Khundi Mkomba, University Of Rwanda, African Center Of Excellence In Energy For Sustainable Development, College Of Science & Technology, Rwanda)
  • Culture And Fatty Acid Composition Of Marine Microalgae Skeletonema Costatum Available In Bangladesh Coast For Biofuel Production (Dr. Dr Chy Mohammad Monirul Hasan, Department Of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology, Faculty Of Biological Sciences, University Of Chittagong, Bangladesh)
  • Composite Materials Of Ti-Doped Strontium Ferrite And Ceramic Electrolytes As Both The Anode And Cathode In Symmetrical Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (Dr. Tae Woo Kim, Korea Institute Of Energy Research, Republic of Korea)
  • Calcium Doped Magnesium Oxide As Improved Material For Thermochemical Energy Storage (Dr. Christian Knoll, Technische Universität Wien, Austria)
  • The Effect Of Nanolayer Of Cathode On Cell Performance In Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (Dr. Shin Ae Song, Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology, Korea, Republic of)
  • A Smart Renewable Energy System For Campania Region (It)– Strategies And Actions Towards The Achievements Of The 2030 European Targets (Prof. Laura Vanoli, Università Degli Studi Di Cassino E Del Lazio Meridionale, Italy)
  • Design, Construction And Preliminary Evaluation Of A Vertical Diffusion Still For Solar Thermal Assisted Desalination (Dr. Farayi Musharavati, Qatar University, Qatar)
  • Multiple Problem Optimization In Home Energy Management System Using Genetic Algorithm(Ga) And Particle Swarm Optimization(Pso) (Ms. Nabeeha Qayyum, Mirpur University Of Science And Technology, Pakistan)
  • Manganese–Iron Binary Oxide For Solar Thermochemical Energy Storage (Ms. Marziyeh Hamidi, The Australian National University, Australia)
  • Renewable Energy Sustainability Evaluation Framework (Mr. Stefan Cirstea, Technical University Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
  • Band Gap Dispersion Of Pb-Free Double Perovskites Induced By Metal Cation Ordering (Prof. Ki-Ha Hong, Hanbat National University, Korea, Republic of)
  • Electric Field Distribution In Pv Modules (Prof. Vladimir Saly, Slovak University Of Technology, Slovakia)
  • Impacts Of Anodization Parameters And Post-Treatments With Ticl4 On Tio2 Nanostructures To Enhance The Efficiency Of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (Dr. H. M. Asif Javed, University Of Agriculture, Faisalabad., Pakistan)
  • Multi-Energy System Utilisation For Energy Supply In Large Sports Facility (Dr. Sreto Boljevic, Cork Institute Of Technology, Ireland)
  • Multi-Focusing Analysis And Impact Of Pv-Solar Resource In Groundwater Pumping Agriculture Applications (Dr. M. Socorro García Cascales, Universidad Politécnica De Cartagena, Spain)
  • A Study Of The Effect Of The Particle Size Of Barley And Wheat Straw During Enzyme Hydrolysis To Produce Fermentable Sugars (Mr. Mohammed Abdulsattar, Unviersity Of Hull, United Kingdom)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling And Performance Analysis Of A Flat-Box Solar Thermal Collector With Multi-Channel Absorber (Dr. Farayi Musharavati, Qatar University, Qatar)
  • Effects Of Absorber Geometric Pattern On The Thermal Performance Of A Solar Water Heating System (Dr. Farayi Musharavati, Qatar University, Qatar)
  • Development Of Toolbox To Facilitate Design Of Solar Systems For Mauritius (Mr. Dhirajsing Rughoo, Universite Des Mascareignes, Mauritius)
  • The Effects Of Risk Management On Bioenergy Projects (Mr. Aminu Bature, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom)
  • Modeling And Assessment Of A Floating Offshore Wind Turbine (Mr. Markus Lerch, Catalonia Institute For Energy Research (Irec), Spain)
  • The Effect Of Building Energy Management Algorithms In Battery Aging (Dr. Cristina Corchero, Catalonia Institute For Energy Research (Irec), Spain)
  • Characterization And Catalytic Hydrolysis Of Lignocellulosic Castor Plants For Bioethanol Production (Mr. Harshabh Tiwari, Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur, India)
  • Quantification On Degradation Mechanisms Of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers During Accelerated Stress Test (Dr. Raghunandan Sharma, Institute Of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology And Environmental Technology, Southern Denmark University, Odense, Denmark)
  • Carbon Emissions Reductions In Cities Through Large Scale Pv Deployment (Dr. Yue Wu, University Of Southampton, United Kingdom)
  • Strategic Heat Planning: A Spatial Approach For Urban Areas (Mr. Jürgen Knies, Jade University Of Applied Sciences Oldenburg, Germany)
  • Gasifier Se-01 Produce Renewable And Sustainable Energy Ecosystems: Utilization Of Agricultural Waste With H2 Results As Clean Energy And Biobriquette (Mr. Halbianto Adi Sucipto, Universitas Gadjah Mada/Department Of Electrical Engineering, Indonesia)
  • Study The Effectiveness Of Different Sun-Tracking Strategies For Muscat Area (Dr. Nabeel Al Rawahi, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman)
  • Application Of Active And Passive Thermal Solar Systems For The Processing Of Agricultural And Agroindustrial Products In The Northern Region Of Costa Rica: A Pilot Local Program (Dr. Guzmán Hernández Tomás De Jesús, Technological Institute From Costa Rica, Costa Rica)
  • Electricity Generation By Urban Infrastructure: Zero Emission 2018-2050 (Dr. Peter Harrop, Idtechex, United Kingdom)
  • A Hybrid Desalination System Uses Solar Still Integrated With Water Flat Plate Solar Collector And Geothermal Heat Exchanger As Underground Condenser (Mr. Yahya Bijarzehi, Saba Operation And Maintenance Co., Iran, Islamic Republic of)
  • Attainable Region Approach To Optimize Anaerobic Digestion System Fed With Exogenous Hydrogen For Improved Methane Yield (Dr. Shiplu Sarker, Norwegian University Of Science And Technology, Norway)
  • An Offshore Wind Farm Energy Injection Mastering Using Aerodynamic And Kinetic Control Strategies (Dr. Ahmed Ousmane Bagre, International Institute For Water And Environmental Engineering, Burkina Faso)
  • Redox Stability Of Sc-Doped La0.6Sr0.4Feo3-Δ For Tubular Solid Oxide Cells Interconnector (Dr. Sun-Dong Kim, Korea Institute Of Energy Research, Korea, Republic of)
  • Modelling Of A Wind Turbine Connected To An Dual Fed Induction Generator (Mr. Badr Benyachou, Faculty Of Sciences, Mohammed V University, Morocco)
  • Modelling Low-Temperature Gasification Strategies In A Floating Fixed Bed Reactor With An Aspen-Plus-Based Simulation Tool Sbr-Sim 3.0 (Mrs. Angela Hofmann, Managment Center Innsbruck, Austria)
  • Biofuels From Catalytic Pyrolysis Of Nut-Shell Waste By Using Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (Spion) (Dr. Muhammad Imran Din, Institute Of Chemistry, University Of The Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, 54590, Pakistan)
  • Anisotropic Radio-Chemically Pore-Filled Composite Proton Exchange Membranes For Fuel Cell (Dr. Syed Tauqir Ali Sherazi, Department Of Chemistry, Comsats Institute Of Information Technology, 22060, Abbottabad, Pakistan)
  • Thermal Performance Comparison Of A Novel Chevron Collector And Standard Collectors (Dr. Farayi Musharavati, Qatar University, Qatar)
  • 3D Urchin-Like Structures Of Co3O4 Synthesized By Pulsed Laser Deposition For Hydrogen Production From Nabh4 (Ms. Harshada Jadhav, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, India)
  • Flat-Plate Radiative Cooling And Solar Thermal Collector Numerical Model Evaluation (Dr. Albert Castell, University Of Lleida, Spain)
  • Efficient High Surface Area Nano-Catalysts For Electro-Oxidation Of Formic Acid (Dr. Muhammad Nadeem, Quaid-I-Azam University, Pakistan)
  • Modeling System Integration Of Variable Renewable Energies In The Witch Model: The Role Of Grid And Storage In Future Decarbonization (Dr. Simone Prato, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy)
  • An Analysis Of The Performance And Cost For A Passive Solar Water Heating System, When Compared To An Optimized Active Solar Water Heating System (Mr. Sula Ntsaluba, University Of Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • Economically-Limited Onshore Wind Capacity And Production In European Nations (Mr. David Severin Ryberg, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany)
  • Aspen Plus Simulation Of The Conversion Of Biomass To Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels: Design And Feasibility Study (Mr. Ahmad Naqi, University Of South Florida, United States)
  • Electric Vehicle Adoption Is Influenced By Governmental Incentives? A Romanian Study Case (Dr. Anca Constantinescu, Technical University Of Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
  • Design Of An Experimental Micro-Scale Orc Plant For Residential Concentrated Solar Thermal Application (Prof. Maurizio De Lucia, Università Di Firenze, Italy)
  • Optima Real-Time Pricing Scheme In Smart Grid Considering Time Preference: A Stackelberg Game Model (Prof. Deok-Joo Lee, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea)
  • Sustainable Development By Sahara Solar Breeder Plan (Prof. Amine Boudghene Stambouli, University Of Sciences And Technology Of Oran, Algeria)
  • Performance Analysis Of A Novel Solar Tracking Mechanism For Solar Parabolic Trough Collector Using Wind Energy (Prof. Essam E. Khalil, Cairo University, Egypt)
  • New Fast Power Reserve Emulation Strategy For Vswt Supporting Frequency Control (Dr. Angel Molina-Garcia, Universidad Politécnica De Cartagena, Spain)
  • Artificial Sap And Biofuels Production (Prof. Arturo Solis Herrera, Human Photosynthesis(Tm) Research Center, Mexico)
  • The Effects Of Hydrogen Gas On Gas Network Materials Within A Co2 Reduction Energy Trial (Dr. Shelley Brace, Keele University, United Kingdom)
  • Chess Setup Project: Energy Self-Consumption And Building Retrofitting (Mr. Víctor Martínez, City Council Of Sant Cugat, Spain)
  • Solar Heat Power Engine On The Basic Of Direct Convertion Of The Planck Spectrum Of Solar Radiation With The Use Graphene Nanofluids (Prof. Alex Dmitriev, National Research University “Mpei”, Russia, Russian Federation)
  • Novel Dry Air Ground Source (Dags) Heat Pump System Control Strategy (Dr. Metkel Yebiyo, London South Bank University, United Kingdom)
  • Thiadiazolosubporphyrazines As Efficient Electron Acceptors In Organic Photovoltaic Cells (Dr. Georgy Pakhomov, Ivanovo State University Of Chemistry & Technology And Ras Institute For Physics Of Microstructures, Russian Federation)
  • Electronic Differential And Neuro-Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control With Extended State Observer For An Electric Vehicle System (Mr. Bouguenna Ibrahim Farouk, Univeristy Of Sidi Bel Abbes, France)
  • Fabrication Of One-Dimensional Pan/G-C3N4 Hollow Nanofibers And Improvement Of Photocatalytic Properties (Mr. Joonyoung Jang, Hanyang University, Korea, Republic of)
  • Fully Scalable Htm-Free Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells With Carbon Electrode (Ms. Sonya Kosar, Okinawa Institute Of Science And Technology Graduate University (Oist), Japan)
  • Optimal Management Of Microgrid With Pv Penetration And Storage: La Graciosa Case Study (Mr. Guillermo Dominguez, Catalonia Institute For Energy Research (Irec), Spain)
  • Assessment Of Energy Performance Of Windows Using Cfd Simulation With Solar Radiation And Analysis Of Thermal Distribution In A Room (Mr. Ashraya Gupta, IMI Precision Engineering, India)
  • Influence Of Pv Power Generation On Energy Consumption In Domestic Buildings In Saudi Arabia (Dr. Abdulsalam Alghamdi, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia)
  • Reducing The Reflection Losses Of A Solar Cell By Using Pdms Scattering Layer (Mr. Asad Ali, University Of Engineering And Technology Peshawar, Pakistan, Pakistan)
  • Modeling And Assessment Of Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic Systems (Ms. Marie Joe Najm, American University Of Beirut, Lebanon)
  • Electric Vehicles: Reliable Mobile Storage Systems For New And Renewable Energies (Mr. Babatunde Olukotun, University College London, United Kingdom)
  • The Potential Of Building Integrated Photovoltaics In Jaffna, Sri Lanka (Ms. Thushini Mendis, Huazhong University Of Science And Technology, China)
  • The Reflection-Enhanced Lumpy Silver Particles Applied In Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Cel (Prof. Dongsheng Li, State Key Laboratory Of Silicon Materials And School Of Materials Science And Engineering, Zhejiang University, China)
  • An Assessment Of The Impacts Of International Inflows On Renewable Energy Transition: Evidence From Selected South Asian Economies (Mr. Muntasir Murshed, North South University, Bangladesh)
  • High Performance P-Type Half-Heusler Thermoelectric Materials (Prof. Tiejun Zhu, Zhejiang University, China)
  • Analysis Of Renewable Energy Contribution And Energy Use In University Campuses For Assessing The Nearly Zero-Energy Building Gap (Dr. Albert Castell, University Of Lleida, Spain)
  • Chemical Transformation Of Snse Bulk Crystals To Se Nanowires And Their Thermoelectric Application (Dr. Hyun Ju, Chung-Ang University, School Of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Korea, Republic of)
  • Analysis Of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Performance At High Pressure Using 3D Model (Mr. Sujit Barhate, Hella India Automotive Pvt. Ltd. Pune, India)
  • Towards More Resilient Electrical Networks In Urban Areas (Ms. Anna Palau Mayo, Catalonia Institute For Energy Research (Irec), Spain)
  • Evaluation Of A Hybrid System To Improve The Electrical Efficiency In Photovoltaic Panels (Mr. Carlos Andrés Giraldo Castañeda, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali, Colombia)
  • Reinforcing Remote Area With Renewable Energy Instead Of Traditional Methods (Mr. Abdulmajeed Alzamil, Saudi Electrical Company, Saudi Arabia)
  • Switching To Hydropower Renewable Energy To Mitigate The Effects Of The Carbon Emissions In South And East Asian Economies (Mrs. Sana Sehar, University Of Agriculture, Faisalabad., Pakistan)
  • A Numerical Study On Heat Transfer And Friction Factor Characteristics Of Turbulent Flow In A Circular Tube Fitted With Wavy Tape Insert (Prof. Essam E. Khalil, Cairo University, Egypt)
  • Bottom-Up Engineering Of Nanoflake And Nanowire Heterostructures For Energy Storage And Conversion Applications (Mr. Peng-Yi Tang, Catalan Institute Of Nanoscience And Nanotechnology (Icn2), Spain)
  • Pv Module Monitoring System Based On Low-Cost Solutions: A Raspberry Application And Assessment (Dr. Angel Molina-Garcia, Universidad Politécnica De Cartagena, Spain)
  • A Comprehensive Modeling Approach Combining Three Zero-Emission Scenarios And Bio Energy With Carbon Capture And Storage To Attain Safe Climate Goals (Dr. Mohammed A Bou-Rabee, Paaet, Kuwait)
  • Numerical, Experimental And Analytical And Cfd Investigation For Higher Wind Turbine Efficiency (Mr. Arulappan Swaminathan, National Institute Of Technology, India)
  • Batt//Gen: A Self-Recharging Device (Prof. Arturo Solis Herrera, Human Photosynthesis(Tm) Research Center, Mexico)
  • Experimental Study Of The Performance Of A Box Solar Cooker (Ms. Sona Alyounis, Alqassim Colleges, Saudi Arabia)
  • Hydrothermal Synhesis Of Hematite Nanostructures For Photocatalytic Applications (Dr. Aziz Genç, Department Of Metallurgical And Materials Engineering, Bartın University, Turkey)
  • Simulating Hybrid Renewable Energy System: Ocean Current Turbine & Solar Power System Electrification On One Fathom Bank (Ms. Ayesha Cassandra Gail Abdullah, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia)
  • Syngas Generation Capability And Power Potential Of A Syngas Based Multi-Generation System In Karachi, Pakistan (Mr. Abdullah Riaz, National University Of Science And Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan, Pakistan)
  • A Novel Sustainability Performance Index For Biomass Gasification In Alternative Jet Fuel Production (Dr. Ben Kolosz, Heriot-Watt University Uk, United Kingdom)
  • Policy Making On The Need For Building Integrated Photovoltaic (Bipv) As An Alternative Source Of Energy For Nigerian Households (Mr. John Emmanuel Ogbeba, Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey)
  • The Impact Of Recycling Of Stock-In-Use Materials On Large-Scale Renewable Energy Deployment: A Hybrid Life Cycle Input-Output Case Study (Mr. Florian Dierickx, University Clermont Auvergne (Cerdi), France)
  • Port Feasibility Study To Support Offshore Wind Farms Around Egypt (Mr. Mostafa Mahdy, Southampton University, United Kingdom)
  • An Overview Of Bipv/Bapv Applications In Buildings In Northern Cyprus (Mr. John Emmanuel Ogbeba, Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey)
  • Flywheel Power Multiplication (Dr. Srinivas Bhaskar Chaganti, Cow And Calf Dairy Farms Limited, India)
  • Feasibility Of Solar Pv Integration In To The Grid Connected Telecom Base Stations And The Ultimate Challenge (Mr. Kasun Wijesinghe, Company, Sri Lanka)
  • Simulation And Performance Evaluation Of A Solar Mppt Technique Using Fast And Improved Pso Under Partial Shading Conditions (Mr. Tabish Imtiaz, Aligarh Muslim University, India)
  • A New Class Of Water-Borne Nanoparticles With Unusal P-N Heterostructure For Superior Charge Separation Property (Dr. Yu Jin Kim, Argonne National Laboratory, United States)
  • Bio Mass Power Generation Potential And Utlization In Pakistan (Dr. Muhammad Ghaffar Doggar, Energy Research Center, Comsats Institute Of Information Technology, Lahore, Pakistan)
  • Energy Consumption And Environment: The Case Of Coal, Gas And Hydel Energy Consumption In Selected Asian Countries (Mr. Shahzad Hameed, University Of Agriculture, Faisalabad., Pakistan)
  • Mof−Derived Binder-Free Carbon–Metal Oxides Composite Electrodes For Electrochemical Devices (Mr. Xuan Zhang, Ku Leuven, Belgium)
  • Future Of Energy Storage: Rooftop Solar Generation In Rapidly Urbanizing Indian Cities (Ms. Kanksshi Agarwal, Tata Institute Of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India)
  • Effect Of Support Type On The Performance Of Fe, Zn And Ni In Production Of Hydrocarbons From Ethanol And Butanol (Mr. Mthobisi Ndebele, Durban University Of Technology, South Africa)
  • Performance Rating Of The Solar Rooftop By Mapping The Efficiency (Ms. Surbhi Bhansali, PDPU, India)
  • Study Of Photovoltaic Cells Implantation In A Long-Endurance Airplane Drone (Dr. Vincent Boitier, Laas-Cnrs, France)
  • Renewable Energy As An Engine For Social Change (Dr. Hen Friman, Faculty Of Engineering H.I.T – Holon Institute Of Technology, Holon, Israel, Israel)
  • A Study On Characteristics And Performance Improvement Of 3D-Micro Lattice Flow Structure (Mr. Byunggun Song, Seoul National University, Korea, Republic of)
  • Geothermal Energy For Drying Of Wastewater Sludge And Electricity Production (Prof. Nicola Massarotti, Università Degli Studi Di Napoli ‘Parthenope’, Italy)
  • Cfd Analyses And Energy Savings In Visionary Mosques (Prof. Essam E. Khalil, Cairo University, Egypt)
  • Conserve And Transfer Energy Through Natural Clay (Dr. Djebbar Mustapha, University Of Mascara, France)
  • Is Waste Plastics The Next Important Energy Source? (Dr. Swaminathan Ramesh, Ecofuel Technologies, Inc, United States)
  • The Tornado Turbine Engine (Mr. Mazen Alhodali, Sole Researcher, Yemen)
  • High-Temperature Thermochemical Energy Storage Based On Redox Reactions Using Co-Mn Mixed Metal Oxides (Dr. Abdelali Zaki, Cic Energigune, Spain)
  • Comparative Study Of P&O And Incremental Conductance Mppt Algorithms (Ms. Bachar Meryem, Hassan I University, Morocco)
  • O-Methylene Phosphonic Κ-Carrageenan As Filler For Chitosan-Based Polymer Electrolyte (Dr. Kee Shyuan Loh, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia)
  • New Energy Solution For Addressing Rural Energy Poverty (Dr. Oana Raita, National Institute For Research And Development Of Isotopic And Molecular Technologies, Romania)
  • Valorization Of Quercus Suber Bark Towards Hydrocarbon Bio-Oil And 4-Ethylguaiacol (Mr. Ivan Kumaniaev, Stockholm University, Sweden)
  • Automation Concept To Increase The Produced Power In Micro-Hydro Power Plant (Mr. Radu Pop, National Institute For Research And Development Of Isotopic And Molecular Technologies, Romania)
  • Design And Characterization Of Rf Mems Switch With Low Pull-In Voltage (Mrs. Amna Riaz, University Of Azad Jammu And Kashmir, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan)
  • Multiscale Experimental And Modelling Analysis Of The Effects Of Co2 On Mixotrophic Microalgal Cultivation In Photobioreactors (Mr. Anshu Dutta, Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur, India)
  • Fuzzy Controller For Self-Excited Dual Star Induction Generator With Online Estimation Of Magnetizing Inductance Used In Wind Energy Conversion (Mr. Yacine Bendjeddou, Ecole Supérieure En Génie Électrique Et Énergétique D’Oran, Algeria)
  • Characterization Of Lignocellulosic Waste As Potential Feedstock For Bioenergy Production (Ms. Dipti Yadav, School Of Architecture, Building And Civil Engineering, Loughborough University, Leicestershire, United Kingdom)
  • Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Acrylate Based Phase Change Copolymers For Thermal Energy Storage (Ms. Swati Sundararajan, Defence Institute Of Advanced Technology, Deemed University, Pune, India)
  • The Analysis And Comparision Of The Efficiencies Of Different Household Firewood Stoves; A Case Study Ndejje, Central Uganda (Mr. Henry Wasajja, Ndejje University, Uganda)
  • Development And Assessment Of An Integrated Solar-Biomass-Based Off Grid Multi-Generation Energy System For Rural Areas In Pakistan (Mr. Ahmed Mujtaba, Nust, Pakistan)
  • Molten Salt Energy Storage For A Renewable Energy Grid (Dr. William Culbreth, University Of Nevada, Las Vegas, United States)
  • Experimental Study And Performance Evaluation Of A Small-Scale Cau10-H Coated Heat Exchanger Structure (Mrs. Türkan Üçok Erkek, Ege University, Turkey)
  • Thermodynamic Analysis Of Ceria For Partial Oxidation Of Methane And Syngas Production (Mr. Azharuddin Azharuddin, Politecnico Di Torino, Italy)
  • Risk Constrained Short-Term Trading Decision Making For Wind Power Producer Under Renewable Policies (Ms. Neha Tiple, World Institute Of Sustainable Energy, Pune, India)
  • Review Of Various Biomass Characterization In South Asian Region (Mr. Satyajit Pattanayak, National Institute Of Technology Mizoram, India)
  • Perception Of Sugarcane Expansion Impacts According To Local Stakeholders In Brazil (Mrs. Andreia Marques Postal, Unicamp, Brazil)
  • Effect Of Injection Timings On Performance And Combustion Characteristics Of A Diesel Engine Fueled With Diesel And Methyl Ester Of Sunflower Oil (Mr. Kirankumar Sureddy, Acharya Nagarjuna University, India)
  • Design Of Vehicle Controller Of Pure Electric Bus Based On Can Bus (Prof. Yi Han, School Of Automobile, Chang’An University, China)
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