Organization is a matter of structure, finding the one that suits you is a long journey … Ready for the challenge?

The success of your conference depends on several fundamental points. 

The choice of the most suitable place is part of it. Here are some tips to follow to ease your trip while reaching your destination!

First, the choice of the city. A dynamic, attractive, and renowned city is a good bet. After all, the city will be, after the content, the main asset of your conference. A conference in a deserted region will be less appealing than in a cultural and alive city.

The city must also offer several choices of multipurpose rooms. Consider contacting universities, which can often provide with interesting places. 

Elementary stage (my dear Watson!). Once this room has been found, play Sherlock. Examine the place in every nook and cranny, from the technical aspect (wiring system, choice of microphones, etc.) to safety standards, including the atmosphere of the room. Remember that participants will be seated in the same seats for more hours per day. Their comfort is therefore essential, let’s not go so far as to install massage seats but do not settle for a wooden stool. 

Get closer to the “master of the place”, or “Venue holder”. He will be your guide and best friend throughout the conference. He knows the place and will be able to apprehend possible problems more quickly. 

When you’re happy with your conference venue, then think about the attendees. After a long journey, for some, getting to the event should be child’s play. A place easily accessible from the nearest international airport and surrounded by hotels and places to live. You offer an experience abroad, more than a conference. 

Beware of hotels, simple at first glance, they can generate more costs! In-house catering services, “all inclusive” formulas, always more expensive. 

To sum it all up, a successful conference depends largely on the choice of your venue, on the city, on the accessibility, comfort, and equipment. We made this bet which has always been successful so far, so it’s your turn!