ecological welcome bag and goodies

All our welcome bags and goodies are eco-friendly: recycled cardboard pen with clip, tip, and push button made of 100% biodegradable corn starch, recycled cardboard notepad with sewn binding, wooden USB key, and organic cotton bags…

Participants are asked during the registration process if they need a certificate. This way, we only print the necessary documents to avoid paper and ink waste.


We systematically display a sign inviting participants to give us back at the welcome desk the materials that they will not reuse in the future such as lanyards, badge holders, or goodies… to give them a second life.

If we have to use cups for breaks and lunches, we systematically put up posters encouraging participants to reuse them. To do that we also provide markers so that they can put their name on the cups.

Cups with name written with a marker

We only collaborate with eco-friendly service providers with a CSR approach. For the caterer, for example, we work with partners giving the priority to the short chains of production and seasonal products.

To avoid food waste, participants must select the lunches they want to take part in during the registration process. Unconsumed food is redistributed to associations and/or homeless people.