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Risks, crises, and the humanities and social sciences: toward inclusive occupational and environmental health observatories

The issues arising from the climatic and environmental upheavals affecting our planet are currently the focus of the ever-growing involvement of a number of scientific fields, as much for diagnosing the situation and predicting future changes as for developing a range of technical and political solutions. Among these issues, the links between health and the environment are of key importance in a context of multiple crises – ecological, economical, social and political. Indeed, the accumulation of numerous pollutants in our living and working environments, the on-going urbanisation of the land, drastic climate change, the deterioration of soil quality and the accumulation of wastes, among other issues, all have a strong impact on human health.

In order to overcome these complex challenges, the calls for research primarily concern the so-called exact or natural sciences. This conference aims to explore the possible roles of the humanities and social sciences, independently or in cooperation with other disciplines, and to propose directions of research that will improve the understanding of the issues, the measurement of the impact on societies of environmental and climatic transformations, and the definition of policies that could be adopted in response.

To address these goals, this international conference, organised by the HSS of Health Research Platform under the impetus of the CNRS Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences and uniting various research institutions based mainly at Campus Condorcet, will in its first session present the research sponsored by this platform regarding the question of the involvement of citizens and public groups in research and healthcare. Subsequently, the conference will focus on health issues related to the environment and the workplace. It is intended as a space for discussion and dialogue, with presentations and sessions conceived for the collective exploration of a series of questions and the opening of new perspectives.

Conference Organizing Committee : Soraya Boudia, Université Paris-Cité; Emilie Counil, Ined; Emmanuel Henry, CNRS with Justyna Moizard-Lanvin, Université Paris-Cité and Valentin Thomas, Sciences Po Lyon.

The conference will start on Monday 24 October








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