Chemistry Biology Interface Division

The Chemistry Biology Interface Division (CBID) of the Royal Society of Chemistry is open to all members of the RSC and represents the areas where the two core disciplines of Chemistry and Biology meet. As such CBID represents RSC members across the breadth of chemistry, unifying groups across several other RSC divisions.

The aims of Chemistry Biology Interface Division are:

To advocate for the importance and value of the Chemistry Biology Interface and its role in the life sciences, medicine, agriculture and the environment with policymakers, the scientific community and society as a whole.
To lead on, advise and support scientific innovation at the Chemistry Biology interface both nationally and internationally, within and between the academic, public and industrial sectors.
To support, inspire and equip the next generation of scientists working at the Chemistry Biology Interface.
To support interdisciplinary working by strengthening links between the Chemical, Biological and wider scientific communities
CBID address these aims by a variety of means which include contribution to policy consultations and the development and support of events and activities that encourage collaborative working and enable researcher mobility.