Quantum Machine

Quantum Machines introduces the Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP), which completely revolutionizes the quantum research and development of today and unlocks the quantum breakthroughs of tomorrow. Its fundamentally new approach redefines the architecture of quantum control. At its core, is the OPX, the hardware portion of the QOP, comprising multiple waveform generators, digitizers, and processing units, all integrated on a single FPGA with unique and scalable architecture.

The OPX is designed to be easily programmed using QUA, a powerful yet intuitive programming language, which enables the most complex experiments and algorithms imaginable to run quickly and easily right out of the box. With seamless compatibility and powerful capabilities like ultra-low feedback latency and general control flow, today’s quantum technologies can now be advanced further and faster than ever before.

Founded by leading quantum researchers, Quantum Machines is trusted by teams at the forefront of quantum computing, including multinational corporations, startups, government laboratories, and academic institutions to reach unprecedented achievements and usher in the future of quantum computing.

Website: https://www.quantum-machines.co