Nanobiose is a specialized company developing innovative solutions to assess the in vitro immunotoxicity of nanoparticles and nanomaterials used in the formulation of drugs, contrast agents, cosmetics or implantable medical devices.

Nanobiose offers the unique expertise of its seasoned team of experts in immunology and immunotoxicology to propose a complete support to

  • Increase confidence in nano-enabled products
  • Take the most appropriate strategic decisions to mitigate risks and reduce costs
  • Secure preclinical data package
  • Answer regulatory authorities’ requests on mechanistic issues (clinical, access to the market, post marketing)

Nanobiose proposes flexible solutions in accordance with a quality management system:

  • Expertise customers’ projects for immunotoxicology related issues
  • Design study plan using both customized and/or reference protocols, according to US-NCL & EU-NCL recommendations
  • Perform in vitro assays and report
  • Advice on the development strategy with respect to regulatory agencies expectations