Canadian Nano Society

Canadian Nano Society was established due to need of a united community in Canada for students, scientists and interested people who works in various areas connected with nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Their mission is to develop understanding of the Nano science and technology by connecting scientist within Canada and beyond to expand their knowledge.

  • Canadian community of nanotechnology to make new connections between researchers and students interested in Nano science and technology.
  • Ensuring nanotechnology fulfills its potential for broad impact by facilitating the application of appropriate techniques and tools in nanotechnology research.
  • Educating students and the public by promoting nanotechnology literacy of students at all levels by providing a respected and authoritative voice on nanotechnology issues that are increasingly in the public eye.
  • Supporting the next generation of Nano scientists by providing active mentoring, networking opportunities, and support to attract the brightest scientific minds to the field and enable them to pursue successful careers as experts in nanotechnology.