Inside TX

At InsideTX, we are revolutionizing nanoparticle manufacturing.
At the convergence of microfluidics and biotechnology, we strive to provide laboratories, biotech, and pharma companies with the ultimate nanoparticle synthesis capabilities by solving three of the biggest challenges of the RNA-LNP revolution:

  • Easing screening
  • Ensuring seamless scalability all along the development process
  • Allowing for GMP quality continuous production.
Leveraging our patented technology, our complementary team is developing the only end-to-end nanoparticle synthesis platform that accelerates your screening to production time while improving your probability of success.
In practice, our systems allow for easy manufacturing of most lipidic or polymeric nanoparticles (liposomes, LNP, solid lipid nanoparticles, PLGAs…) using the same system all along your drug development process – from your screening stage at µL scale to your continuous production at 10s of L scale – while ensuring ultimate nanoparticle characteristics control at every step of the process.

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