CRS BNLF & France Local Chapter

Established in February 2019 the BeNeLux & France Local Chapter aims to bring together scientists in the fields of drug delivery and nanomedicine located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.
We stimulate scientific knowledge exchange and collaborations between industrial and academic experts, provide networks and represent at a local level the Controlled Release Society (CRS). Supported by the CRS, we contribute to local meetings and conferences, keep our members up to date with the news in the field and provide a platform to share job opportunities and scientific content.
Our Chapter has two main objectives:
1. bring together local drug delivery and nanomedicine experts from industry and academia by providing them with a networking platform, stimulating scientific knowledge exchange and collaborations

2. support early career scientists by boosting their network and professional development, sharing career opportunities, creating mentorship and exchange programs

Being our member, you will be able to keep up with the latest news in the drug delivery/nanomedicine fields and expand your local network in academic and industrial sectors. Our Chapter consists of more than 150 top researchers in the field including professors, assistant and associate professors, early career scientists and industrial representatives from four European countries.