Welcome to the A2IC 2020 online conference

How does this online conference work ?

This dashboard has been built with the target of duplicating the same environment as in-person conference, you will find below the usual conference areas: welcome desk, oral rooms, coffee break, poster rooms…
Each particpant will be able to join the area she/he is interested in by simply clicking on the corresponding link.

It is very important to keep a maximum of human interactions, that is why a welcome desk room where you can talk with a staff member is available to help you.
If you encounter any technical issue to connect to the welcome desk room then use the chat room, it should appear on the bottom of this page.
You will see also rooms dedicated to networking in small groups.


Everything You Need In One Place

You will find below some useful documents related to the program and the participation process

Online conference program

Conference program

Check which sessions you are interested in.
Do not miss the networking part!

Online conference code of conduct

Code of conduct

Please be respectful with other participants and the confidentiality of your colleague’s work

Online conference advices and best practice

Process of participation

Find here instructions and best practices to prepare your conference.