Process of Participation

For all participants :

  • Have your devices set up for the virtual meeting: plug in your laptop charger and have your headphones near you if needed.
  • If you share your internet connection with others, ask if they can limit their data consumption. 


  For speakers:

  • We will ensure a test session before you go live to do a basic check (sound, video and slides). Using the same set-up and and being in the same area during the test and live sessions is highly recommended.
  • Be connected 15 minutes before you go live to ensure your connection is working, as well as your device. 
  • Have a timer near you: you either have it on your cellphone or you have one on your computer. The Chair will time your presentation and provide you with a 2-minute warning. Please keep a strict eye on the time during your presentation.
  • Make every effort to hold your audience by maintaining eye contact and modulating your voice.
  • Humour is always appreciated to keep the audience interested, but please avoid jokes that might be offensive to the audience.
  • Print out your slides and notes or have it on another device than the one you are using to deliver your presentation.

  Audio setting :

  • We recommend you to use headphones as a speaker to ensure the audience hears your speech well, so make sure you have some near you.
  • Make sure you are in a quiet environment: check your room acoustics, ensure there is no background noise, dogs barking, people walking by, and more.

   Camera setting:

  • First thing is to make sure your camera is activated. Otherwise, check the parameter of your device. 
  • Then, get your camera to a correct angle. We recommend to place it at an eye-level position and that you are at the center of the frame.
  • Simpler your background is, the more focused the audience will be on you.
  • Check the lighting, make sure the audience is not looking at a blurry and pixelated image.
  • Ensure you stay in the frame your whole speech, don’t be afraid to look directly at the camera.


  For poster presenter:

  • You shall organize and align your content with columns, sections, headings, and blocks of text. Include title, collaborators, abstract, background/literature review, research questions, materials, approach, process, or methods, results/conclusion, future directions, acknowledgments, and contact information. You can find the event banner here if you want to include it in your poster.
  • You shall avoid abbreviations, acronyms, and jargon. Avoid fuzzy images; make sure all graphics are high-resolution and easily visible.
  • Your poster shall be self-explanatory so that you are free to supplement the information and discuss particular points raised by viewers during your presentation session. The discussion becomes difficult if you need to spend time explaining your poster to viewers.