● For oral presentation or selection for a flash presentation, abstracts must be submitted by e-mail (motec21@imm.cnrs.fr) to July 15, 2021

● Abstracts for poster presentation not being selected for a flash presentation can still be submitted by e-mail (motec21@imm.cnrs.fr) up to September 21, 2021

● Acceptance notification will be issued by email on July 16, 2021

● Please note: Participation is subject to payment of registration fees. Accordingly, abstracts not covered by registration payment will be removed from the Program & Abstracts

● An e-mail will be sent to the corresponding author to acknowledge receipt of the abstract. Any correspondence regarding abstract as well as the decision of the Organizing Committee should be sent to the following e-mail address (motec21@imm.cnrs.fr).

● Program & Abstracts will be made available for download on this site



● When preparing your abstract, please follow the format requirements and use the template as reference. All instructions to prepare the abstract are given in the template.

● Please, ensure that the e-mail address of the corresponding author is included in the abstract file, as specified in the template.



Please follow these steps when preparing your submission (e-mail submission only).

Note: Only one abstract per e-mail! Use separate e-mails for the submission of multiple abstracts!

● When submitting your abstract, you HAVE TO SPECIFY IN THE MAIN TEXT AREA OF YOUR E-MAIL MESSAGE:

– The PRESENTATION CATEGORY your abstract falls in: Choose I, O or P:

● (I)nvited Speaker oral presentation (if the abstract is for an invited speaker presentation)

● (O)ral presentation (if the abstract is for a speaker presentation or if you would accept an offer from the Organizing Committee to upgrade a poster to an oral presentation, based on abstract merit)

●(P)oster presentation (when the submitted abstract should be considered as a poster)

– Abstract TITLE

– PRESENTING AUTHOR: Last name, First name

– CORRESPONDING AUTHOR: Last name, First name, Institution and e-mail address

● Abstract should be submitted as an e-mail attachment in a Microsoft World docx-file at the following e-mail address: motec21@imm.cnrs.fr. It is IMPORTANT TO NAME THE FILES as follows: Presentation category_Name of first author.docx

Examples: P_Cook.docx. If an author is submitting several different abstracts, they should be numbered accordingly (for example, P_Johnson_1.docx and P_Johnson_2.docx).

● The subject header of the e-mail should be identical to the name of the attached files.