The 12th MoTEC program will include:

•    2 invited plenary lectures providing overviews of state-of-the-art developments in the field,
•    25-30 lectures, invited or selected from the abstracts, covering the most recent advances in Mo and W enzymes research,
•    online interactive poster and discussion with the experts sessions every day.



  • The scientific areas that will be covered are:
  • 1. Synthesis of Mo or W cofactors and models
  • 2. Enzyme structure and function
  • 3. Cell physiology of Mo/W enzymes
  • 4 Host microbe interaction and virulence
  • 5. Impact on health, disease and environment
  • 6. Technological applications

Leading scientists from outside the MoTEC-community have also been invited to participate and cover important emerging fields.
Lectures will be followed by an on-stage discussion session and will be recorded and made available to all the participants during the conference.
Poster contributions in all the scientific areas mentioned above are encouraged. We will create a professional interactive online environment for poster viewing where each poster will have its own breakout room – open during the entire conference to accommodate all time zones. Poster presenters selected from the abstracts will be invited to give a three-minute poster flash presentation to promote their work.