Human Movement and Mobility in HighLandscape Environments

International conference, April 27-29th, 2022


Before reading this FAQ, we kindly invite you to read the instructions for participants where you will find most of the needed information.

What is a dashboard ?

The dashboard gives you access to the different areas of a usual conference. This is supposed to be the lobby of your conference. You will have access to the Conference room the Welcome Desk and the Networking room. A tutorial is available here.

Do I need a password to have access to the conference rooms ?

You do not need any password to access the conference.

How can I join a room?

On the dashboard, you will see buttons named “Click here to join the session”…, by clicking on it, you will be redirected to a Big Blue button room, that you will be able to have access from your browser or the application.

I'm not living in the CET zone, how do I know at which time a given speech is being presented?

Click here to calculate your time difference.

How can I get assistance from the conference staff?

The staff would be glad to help you if you are facing any technical issue. A welcome desk room will be also available 30 minutes before the beginning of each day and will be open during the whole conference. The Welcome Desk provides you with face-to-face help.