Human Movement and Mobility in HighLandscape Environments

International conference, April 27-29th, 2022



Tracing Movement — a Multiscalar Approach to Reconstruct Mobility Patterns at Arslantepe Period VIB1

Giulio Palumbi, Susanna Cereda, Burhan Ulas, Francesca Balossi Restelli, Marcella Frangipane

Highland-Lowland Interaction Between Mesopotamia and NW Iran: Piedmont Perspectives from Surezha (Iraq) and the Rise of a New Pastoral Economy in the Western Zagros (5000-4500 BCE)

Gil J. Stein

Over the Mountain and the Vale. Modern Reference Datasets for Documenting Pastoral Practices

Marjan Mashkour and Rémi Berthon

Mobility and its Archaeological Methodology

Abbas Alizadeh

Migration Studies in Archaeology – a Methodological and Theoretical Challenge


Stefan Burmeister


A Note on the Transformation of ‘Mobility’ in Early Neolithic of Western Iran

Hojjat Darabi

Women, Movement, and Pottery Making

Roghayeh Rahimi Sorkhani

Kura Araxes Mobility: Search for Pastures and Raw Materials?

Thomas Stöllner

Isotopic Approach to Animal Biographies. Its Potential and Limits to Investigate Pastoral Mobilities in the South Caucasus and Northwestern Iran from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age

Rémi Berthon, Marjan Mashkour, Shiva Sheikhi, Adeline Vautrin, Sepideh Maziar, Roghayeh Rahimi Sorkhani, Azadeh Mohaseb, Xəqani Alməmmədov, Svend Hansen, Guram Mirtskhulava, Caroline Hamon, Mindia Jalabadze, Barbara Helwing, Tevekkül Aliev, Bertille Lyonnet, Farhad Guliyev, Catherine Marro, Veli Bakhshaliyev, Tükəzban Göyüşova, Ali Zalaghi

Zooarchaeology, Behavioral Ecology, and Modeling Pastoral Economies and Mobilities in the Near Eastern Highlands


Siavash Samei


Late Pleistocene Hominin Occupations in the Southern Caspian Sea Corridor

Elham Ghasidian, Hosein Ramzanpour, Saman Heydari-Guran

Modelling Regional Corridors of Movement in South-Eastern Iran: a Multi-Factor Approach

Friederike Jürcke, Hector Orengo, Toby C. Wilkinson and Cameron A. Petrie

Between the Iranian High Plateau and the Caucasian Highlands: Obsidian as a Tracker of Human Mobility During Prehistory

Marie Orange, Akbar Abedi

The Middle Palaeolithic Hominin Settlement Patterns and Movement Corridors in Kermanshah Region

Masoud Yousefi, Saman Heydari-Guran, Elham Ghasidian, Anooshe Kafash

Economy and Mobility during the “Nomadic” Middle Bronze Age in the South Caucasus: New Data from Naxçıvan, Azerbaijan

Emily Hammer