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The integration of the mountains into the Caucasian agro-pastoral systems between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age.

Mountains in the Caucasus are characterized by a wealth in natural resources. In addition to pasturelands and water springs, the Lesser Caucasus mountain ranges are endowed with a variety of mineral resources including obsidian flows, copper, lead, silver and gold beds as well as salt.

The aim of WP#2 is to discuss the beginnings and the exploitation modes of the mountains by lowland communities, with a view to studying the evolution of subsistence strategies and the interactions between highlands and lowlands from the Neolithic onwards. Three main themes will be addressed during a three-day on-line workshop (9th-11th November, 2020):

– The beginnings of vertical pastoralism in the Caucasus (November, 9th)
– The formation and development of mountain communities (November, 10th)
– Mobility and the exploitation of natural resources (November, 11th)

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