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Before reading this FAQ, we kindly invite you to read the instructions for participants where you will find most of the needed information. Also, we kindly invite you to read our tutorial How to use ZOOM, which explains step by step the process.

What is a dashboard?

The dashboard gives you access to the different areas of a usual conference. This is supposed to be the lobby of your conference. You will have access to the Plenary Room, the Welcome Desk, and the working room.

I'm not living in the CEST zone, how do I know at which time a given speech is being presented?

Click here to calculate your time difference.

How can I get assistance from the conference staff?

The staff would be glad to help you if you are facing any technical issue, you can reach us at any time at A welcome desk room will be also available 30 minutes before the beginning of the conference day. to provide you with face-to-face help. If you are not able to use ZOOM at all, there will be a chat available on the right bottom corner of the Dashboard page.

How can I join a room?

On the dashboard, you will see buttons named “Click to join room”…, by clicking on it, you will be redirected to a ZOOM room, that you will be able to have access from your ZOOM application.

I need a password to have access to plenary consultation documents, where can I find it?

You will receive the password by email from the Organizing Committee.

How to select my preferred language to follow the meeting?

A button named “Interpretation” should be visible on the bottom menu of your ZOOM application, just click on it and select your language. Two options will be available: English and French.