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The Make Our Planet Great Again program launched in 2018 by French President Macron meant to attract top-level researchers from around the world to France, to perform research of interest at the global scale (earth system sciences, climate change and sustainable development, and energy transition). By gathering international experts in leading European research institutions, this initiative, taken up by the German government, proposed a new framework for international cooperation, promoting the mobility of researchers and strenghtening European attractiveness. Through feedbacks from international scientists who chose to settle in Europe and discussions with representatives from research institutions, the European Commission and national research ministries, the event proposes to reflect, beyond the MOGPA initiative, on incentives to attract international talents to Europe and on the looming challenges of researchers mobility to strenghten the European Research Area.

This conference will be held online and the registration is free but mandatory. The password to access the room will be sent only to those who register.


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The plenary session will start on March 7th at 10:00 AM (CET, Central European Time)








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Code of conduct

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