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SolGel 2024 International Conference

The 22nd international Sol-Gel conference will bring together experts in the fields of inorganic and organic-inorganic hybrid materials prepared by sol-gel and related soft chemistry routes. It will be the place to cross the frontiers between academy and industry, and will cover all aspects of materials and nanomaterials design from fundamentals to applications.


Chemistry and fundamentals of the sol-gel process

Organic-inorganic hybrid materials

Nano- and micro-structured materials

Porous materials and hierarchical structured materials

Bio and bioinspired materials

Protective functional coatings and thin films

Characterization and modelling techniques for sol-gel materials

Sol-Gel materials for (photo-)catalysis and membranes

Sol-Gel materials for energy and environmental applications

Sol-Gel materials for health and medical applications

Sol-Gel materials for electronic, magnetic and ferroelectric applications

Sol-Gel materials for sensors, optic, photonic and optoelectronic applications

Industrialization of sol-gel science and technology

AI and Chemistry of Materials

New biosourced Materials

Sol-gel in the context of climate change

4D printing