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9:00 – 12:30 Morning session

chaired by Valentina Mauriello, Italy, as Vice-President of the Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development and Plan Bleu Focal Point

14:00 – 17:50 Afternoon session

chaired by Grammenos Mastrojeni, as Senior Deputy Secretary General, Union for the Mediterranean

Schedule overview (CEST)

  • 9:00 AM                         
  • 9:30 AM                         
  • 10:00 AM                         
  • 10:20 AM                         
  • 10:30 AM                         
  • 11:30 AM                         
  • 12:30 PM                         
  • 2:00 PM                         
  • 2:05 PM                         
  • 3:00 PM                         
  • 4:00 PM                         
  • 4:30 PM                         
  • 5:00 PM                         
  • 5:50 PM                         

Tuesday, September 22nd

  • Welcome and Opening session

    Welcoming by the representative of the City of Marseille
    Samia Ghali (French Senator and Second Deputy Mayor of Marseille)

    Opening speech
    Jihad Alsawair (Director of Green Economy Unit, Ministry of Environment, Jordan, UfM Co-Presidency)

    Opening speech
    Gaetano Leone (Coordinator, UNEP/MAP – Barcelona Convention Secretariat)
  • Presentation of the draft First Mediterranean Assessment Report (MAR1) and its Summary for Policymakers (SPM); presentation of the results of the consultation with policymakers and stakeholders on the draft SPM and MAR1, integration of the comments, questions about the process

    Joel Guiot and Wolfgang Cramer, MedECC Coordinators
  • Discussion of the revised draft SPM
  • Executive summary
  • 1. Background for the assessment
  • 2. Drivers of environmental change in the Mediterranean Basin
  • 3. Resources
  • Lunch Break
  • Introduction

    Isidro Gonzalez (Deputy Secretary General, Division "Water, Environment, Blue Economy", Union for the Mediterranean)
  • 4. Ecosystems
  • 5. Society
  • 6. Managing future risks and building socio-ecological resilience in the Mediterranean
  • Coffee Break
  • Discussion of the meeting recommendations
  • Closure of the meeting

    European Commission DG CLIMA, UfM Co-Presidency

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