overview of the program (CEST)

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April 8, 2021

  • Connections + Introduction
  • Session 1 Chair Corine CASSIER-CHAUVAT
  • Invited talk Frauke BAYMANN(BIP CNRS, Marseille, FR) (20 min presentation + 10 min questions)

    « The universal domain movement of the Rieske protein in Rieske/cytb complexes »
  • Invited talk Alberto MEZZETTI (Paris Sorbonne, Paris, FR) (20 min presentation + 10 min questions)

    « Assessing the quinone pool redox state in photosynthetic membranes by infrared spectroscopy »
  • Posters 1-5 (5 X 4 min + 10 min questions to all five posters)

    Gemma McGuire: “Isolating the effect of TROL on FNR activity, using protein film electrochemistry”

    Hitesh Medipally: “Photosystem I-Ferredoxin-NADP+-Reductase fusions for NADPH recycling”

    Aurelie Crepin: “Antenna protein clustering in vitro unveiled by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy”

    Anna Frank: “Preparation of functional monomeric Photosystem I from Thermosynechococcus elongates”

    Laetitia Marty: “Transfer of charge and excitation from porphyrins to 1D and 2D sp2 carbon materials”
  • Break
  • Selected talk Gwenaelle GAIN InBioS , Université de Liège, BE) (10 min presentation + 5 min questions)

    « Fermentation pathways and their interactions with photosynthesis in the marine diatom T. pseudonana »
  • Posters 6-10 (5 X 4 min + 10 min questions to all five posters)

    Felix Buchert: “Disentangling chloroplast ATP synthase regulation by proton motive force and thiol modulation reveals profound differences between Arabidopsis thaliana and Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.”

    Adrien Burlacot: “The algal CO2 concentrating mechanism is driven by alternative electron pathways of photosynthesis.”

    Francesca Bucci: “The light / dark cycles due to mixing affect the productivity of microalgae cultivated in photobioreactors”

    Anna Caccamo: “Characterization of the apx2 mutant in Chlamydomonas”

    Fabrizio Iacono: “Genetic mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTLs) involved in photosynthesis in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii”
  • Session 2 Chair Dimitrios PETROUTSOS
  • Invited talk Marc NOWACZYK (Ruhr University, Bochum, DE) (20 min presentation + 10 min questions)

    « Structure and function of Cyanobacterial Complex I variants »
  • Selected talk Julia LANG (TU Kaiserslautern, DE) (10 min presentation + 5 min questions)

    « Complexome profiling on the Chlamydomonas psb28 and lpa2 mutants reveals novel PSII-associated proteins »
  • Posters 11-12 (2 X 4 min + 5 min questions to the two posters)

    Jacqueline Thiemann: “Redox-Coupled Proton Pumping Drives Carbon Concentration in the Photosynthetic Complex I”

    Jan Lambertz: “Isolation of Photosystem II from Thermosynechococcus elongatus via strep-tagged PsbO”

overview of the program (CEST)

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  • 12h55-13h00                         

April 9, 2021

  • Session 3 Chair Anja KRIEGER-LISZKAY
  • Introduction
  • Invited talk Ildikó SZABÓ (University of Padova, IT) (20 min presentation + 10 min questions)

    « Chloroplast cation channels in the regulation of photosynthesis »
  • Invited talk Marion EISENHUT (Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, DE) (20 min presentation + 10 min questions)

    « The role of MNX/PAM71 family transporters in manganese homeostasis »
  • Posters 13-16 (4 X 4 min + 10 min questions to all four posters)

    Jonathan Przybyla-Toscano : “Integration of the chloroplastic iron-sulfur transfer protein NFU1 from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii in chlorophyll metabolism in the dark.”

    Marine Messant : “Manganese deficiency and excess affect Photosystem II and Photosystem I in Marchantia polymorpha”

    Quentin Charras : “Ecophotobiology of the seagrass Posidonia Oceanica”

    Tom Feller : “Host-symbiont relationship between the dinoflagellate Symbiodinium sp., the anemone E. pallida and the nudibranch B. stephanieae”
  • Break
  • Session 4 Chair Emmanuelle ISSAKIDIS-BOURGUET
  • Invited talk Guillaume ALLORENT (LPCV, CEA, Grenoble, FR) (20 presentation + 10 min questions)

    « Acclimation to UV-B radiation in microalgae »
  • Posters 17-21 (5 X 4 min + 10 min questions to all five posters)

    Myriam Canonico: “Response of cyanobacterial thylakoids to acute high-light stress”

    Alessandro Manzotti: “The bHLH2 protein of the marine diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum is a light-intensity dependent modulator of photosynthesis and growth identified by Transcription Factor-based genetic engineering.”

    Edmee Royen: “In vivo evaluation of bioenergetic parameters in heat-stressed Cassiopea.”

    Clotilde Garrido: “Phylogenomic analysis of peptidases involved in disposal of organelle targeting peptides”

    Céline Cattelin: “Evolution of alpha-solenoid proteins repertoires in Archaeplastida.”

  • Selected talk Yizhong YUAN (LPCV, CEA, Grenoble, FR) (10 min presentation + 5 min questions)

    « Phototropin controls carbon partitioning in the green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii »
  • Selected talk Wojciech NAWROCKI (VU Amsterdam, NL) (10 min presentation + 5 min questions)

    « The rise and fall of the photoinhibition-related energy dissipation qI »
  • Posters 22-25 (4 X 4 min + 10 min question to all four posters)

    Alexis Riché: “CrSTT7 phosphorylation during state transition and PhosTag-PAGE : partial cytochrome b6f-independent redox sensing.”

    Vega de Luna: “An atypical antenna complex is involved in state transitions in Euglena gracilis.”

    Dany Croteau: “Towards a quantitative model of nonphotochemical quenching in Phaeodactylum tricornutum by modulating Lhcx1 expression.”

    Lucas Leverne: “Drought stress effect on NPQ mutant of A. thaliana.”

  • Xénie Johnson: Présentation du nouveau GDR Photosynthèse
  • Conclusions