IPCG 2025 Organizing Committee


Phone: +33 1 46 60 89 40


Is it possible to submit more than one abstract by presenter?

No, due to limited slots, only one abstract can be submitted.

How to submit an abstract?

You need to fill in the form available under the submission tab. 

Are there any guidelines concerning the abstract?

Yes, a “Guide for Authors” is available at the beginning of the submission form. Please read it carefully

What are the mandatory information for a submission?

Title, abstract content, authors (names & contact details), related topic(s)

What are the related topics?

There are the conference topics that are the closest to the content of your abstract. It is important to choose the accurate related topic(s) because the abstract will be sent to the reviewers who are experts in the selected topic(s).

What are the reviewing criteria?

Submissions are reviewed based on:

The Technical Merit: How solid is the presented work? Is the evaluation methodology appropriate? Does the data seem accurate? Are there any fatal flaws in underlying assumptions?

The Readability: How easy is it to understand the submission? Factors that can affect readability include writing style, grammar, spelling, over-use (or under-use in some cases) of equations, inappropriate submission length, or improper font sizes.

The Relevance: How appropriate is this submission for this conference? Sometimes even good submissions are better suited to other locations.

The Originality: Will attendees learn something that they didn’t already know from this submission?

How to be sure that the submission is validated and ready to be reviewed?

The submission is validated and ready to be reviewed once all mandatory information (above mentioned) are filled correctly.

How to know whether an abstract is accepted or not?

Once the Scientific Committee has reviewed the abstract, the Organizing Committee sends an email to inform the author about the result. 

Is it possible to attend the conference without submitting any work?

Yes, you can register as listener.

Does the conference organizer provide proof of attendance?

Yes, the conference organizer provides a certificate of participation and an invoice. These documents are usually required by your university / institute to allocate the grants.