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France has one of the richest medico-administrative databases in the world, the claim data base of the National Health Insurance Fund, covering the entire French population for any medical act or healthcare (at least partially). However, understanding the data, its potential, its organisation, its biases and limitations requires a tremendous investment for each project coordinator. The use of health data in France is hence currently limited to a small number of experts and conducting research projects on a European scale remains a real challenge.

This event will be the opportunity to highlight actions conducted in France to improve the use and exploitation of health data for research purposes, including the use of common data models. Several data models will be presented, including a sequence dedicated to feedback on the transformation of French health data into these formats.

This half-day event, organised by the Health Data Hub with the participation of Bordeaux PharmacoEpi, AP-HP, the Agence du Numérique en Santé and EHDEN, will be open to anyone interested in an introduction to common data models and their uses for health databases.

Registrations are open and the program is available under.

The conference will start on April 6th at 2:30 PM (CEST, Central European Summer Time)








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