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Genome instability is a hallmark of cancer cells but also a cause of genetic diseases in humans. Our understanding of the causal relationships between genome instability and the development of human diseases rely on our knowledge of the basic mechanisms of DNA and RNA metabolism, from the spatial genome organization to the chromatin landscape up to the regulation of genome expression during development or in response to genotoxic stress. The dysfunctions of these basic mechanisms related to genome metabolism underlie human diseases including cancer, aging, neurological disorders and immune deficiency.

The main topics of this course are:

– Basics mechanisms for maintaining genome stability (repair, replication, DNA damage signaling, spatial genome organization).

– Dysfunction of these pathways in human diseases (cancer, aging, immunodeficiency).

– Molecular signature of Genome Instability.

– The DNA Damage Response as anti-cancer therapeutic targets and tools for diagnostic/prognostic.

This edition will take place in real-time virtual format (CET, Paris time).

Speed Networking:

As you know, one of the main targets of a conference is to allow the participants to network and get to know each other. That is why we organise this activity on Friday, February 11th from 2 PM (Paris time). All the participants will be split into small groups and each group will have a few minutes to get to know each other. Then, everyone will be called back to the main room and will be split another time. This process will be repeated over and over for one hour so that you will be able to meet a large number of colleagues.


How does it work?

This dashboard has been built with the target of duplicating the same environment as an in-person conference, you will find below the usual conference areas: the Technical Support / Welcome Desk, the Main room, the Speed Networking room, the Poster Area…
Each participant will be able to join the area she/he is interested in by simply clicking on the corresponding button.

It is very important to keep a maximum of human interactions, that is why a Technical Support / Welcome Desk room where you can talk with a staff member is available to help you.
If you encounter any technical issue to connect to the welcome desk room then use the chat room, it should appear on the bottom right corner of this page during the conference days.

The conference will start on February 14th at 1 PM (CEST)








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