Schedule Flash Presentations on Friday, November 13th

Friday, November 13th (CET)

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Plenary Room

  • Ribbert Ann-Charlotte:
    Impaired DSB repair after low doses of X-rays might be due to a lack of activation of DNA-PK
  • Zahid Sayma:
    Structural and functional insights on the NHEJ network around the Ku-DNA hub
  • Wei Na:
    Mammalian RAD52 promotes RNA-mediated c-NHEJ of resected DNA double-strand breaks in G1
  • Bousset Kristine:
    RAD50 regulates mitotic progression independent of DNA repair functions
  • Questions
  • Puget Nadine: Analysis of new candidate proteins in DNA double-strand breaks response
  • Galanti Lorenzo:
    Role of DDK kinase in DSB repair
  • Ma Emilie :
    Control of the Rad51 nucleoprotein filament formation by Rad52 and Srs2
  • Marta Llorens Agost:
    Rad52 and BRCA2 redudantly restrict Pol Theta-mediated NHEJ until the onset of mitosis
  • Questions
  • Dupont Chloë:
    Identification of the interaction domain within the complex of Rad51 paralogs Rad55-Rad57 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Clouaire Thomas: Chromatin dynamics during DNA Double Strand Break repair
  • Audibert Sylvain:
    The proteome of Lamin Associated domains and NPC chromatin in the presence of DNA damage
  • Questions
  • Thomas Holly:
    Regulation of Homologous Recombination during development
  • Yu Wei:
    Repair of G1 induced DNA double-strand breaks in S-G2/M drives genetic instability
  • Techer Hervé:
    Is cytosolic DNA a cause or a consequence of oncogene-induced senescence?
  • Questions