Schedule Flash Presentations on Thursday, November 12th

Thursday, November 12th (CET)

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Plenary Room

  • Anna Chanou:
    Defining the nucleosome configuration and in vivo chromatin architecture of licensed replication origins
  • Kutz Julia:
    Characterization of a putative novel human replication factor PN70
  • Aze Antoine:
    A comprehensive survey of PCNAmUb readers
  • Lebdy Rana:
    GNL3: a new protein involved in the protection of stalled replication forks
  • Questions
  • Stephan Hamperl: Genetic and epigenetic consequences of transcription-replication conflicts
  • Rodriguez Marta:
    Detection and characterization of erroneous bypass of DNA lesions during DNA and RNA synthesis
  • Audoynaud Charlotte:
    The role of RNA:DNA hybrids in replication fork processing in fission yeast
  • Naiman Karel:
    Polymerase delta Dependent Replication Fork Restart Forms a Stable Replisome
  • Kramarz Karol:
    Relocation to nuclear pore complexes and Pli1-mediated sumoylation modulates replication fork restart
  • Questions
  • Schindler Natalie: Rtt101/Cul4 may promote a TOP1-independent RER backup pathway in S phase
  • Martinez Fernandez Veronica:
    New Mediator function links transcription and nucleotide excision repair in human cells
  • Hove Tamsanqa:
    Targeting XPD for cancer therapy
  • Kastl Melanie:
    Influence of G4 structure formation on macrophage function
  • Questions
  • Korytiakova Eva:
    Investigation of active demethylation of 5-methyl-2'-deoxycytidine
  • Müller Nadine:
    Direct and base excision repair-mediated control of transcriptional activation by 5-formylcytosine and 5-carboxycytosine in a GC-rich cis element
  • Schomacher Lars:
    NEIL1 and NEIL2 DNA glycosylases protect neural crest development against mitochondrial oxidative stress
  • Özdemir Dilara:
    Gdh interacts with Tet3 to supply a-ketogluterate, linking 5mdC oxidation to metabolic state and neuronal function
  • Questions