Conditions for plenary & invited speakers


Guidelines & Rules

We do believe that one of the most important success keys when organizing conferences is to invite speakers who are experts in their fields and who can deliver a very attractive speech to the attendees.

Our role as Organizing Committee is to provide the invited speakers with the best conditions in order to allow them to focus on the content of the conference.

Please notice that PremC will support several expenses related to the organized event according to the following rules (the rules have been decided with the chairs committee based on the conference revenues and expenses) :


  1. The Organizing Committee will manage the registration process for you.
  2. PremC will cover the registration fees related to your participation.

Travel (only for plenaries)

  1. Flight, train or boat tickets will be purchased by PremC, who will take into account your instructions in terms of travel dates. Your instructions are expected at least 3 months prior to the event. if you chose to book your own travel, the reimbursement will be made based on the receipt of your tickets.
  2. Flight, train or boat tickets will be full economy or low-cost where available (business class or first class are not permitted)
  3. PremC covers the flight, train or boat tickets up to 500 Euros for the speakers based in Europe or North Africa at the time of the conference and up to 1500 Euros for the other locations, extra / exceeding  cost shall be paid by the Plenary.
  4. PremC is allowed to cover only the tickets of the main trip. Taxi, subway, metro and bus tickets to join the airport of the hotel are remain at the charge of the speaker.


  1. The booking and payment of the accommodation will be done by PremC.
  2. The nights supported by PremC are limited to May 11th, 12th and 13th, extra nights shall be covered by the speakers.
  3. We will do our best in order to book a hotel very close to the conference venue or set up a shuttle system each morning (please notice that sending us the booking instructions regarding the dates in advance will ease this task).

VISA Request

  1. If the plenary needs a VISA or any entry permission then PremC will provide a full support to deal with the concerned administration.
  2. VISA fees can be reimbursed by PremC upon presentation of the receipt.


  1. It is the responsibility of the plenary to arrange appropriate insurance cover in connection with their attendance at the conference.
  2. PremC cannot be held liable for any loss, personal injury or damage to personal property.




How will I get my travel tickets or accommodation details?

Once the booking confirmed, we will send you an email with your electronic tickets and hotel booking confirmation.

What should I do if I discover that I cannot attend the conference?

A Plenary cancellation is very complicated to manage for the Organizing Committee for several reasons, having said that, life is full of unexpected events. So if you are in such position, please contact the Organizing Committee as soon as possible in order to find a back up plan.

What if I need to change the dates for my booking?

You just need to inform your PREMC contact and she/he will take into account your request (please notice that some changes after booking could be refused by our intermediary or could be too costly, in these cases we may not be able to accept them).

Do I have to pay additional expenses?

All personal expenses must be handled by the Plenary: including minibar, private telephone calls, laundry, extra meals…