Networking & Break Area

Welcome to the Networking and Break Area!

It is very important to keep interactions between the community members.

Q&A rooms: meet the speakers of the previous sessions and ask more questions. Each speaker will have her/his own room.

These rooms will be opened only during Break Sessions.

Q&A Sessions with Speakers

In this area, you have the opportunity to communicate with the speakers of the previous oral session. Speakers are ranked in the same order as the oral session. Check the program for more details !



Speaker 1

11:10 : Steve Jackson

12:35 : Jean-Philippe Spano

15:45 : Michael Weller



Speaker 2

11:10 : Yuval Shaked

12:35 : Michel De Palma

15:45 : Daniel Durocher

Speaker 3

15:45 : Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo

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