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 In addition, the poster sessions will be a series of flash presentations played in the conference rooms (please refer to the program to see when and where these sessions will be held). At the end of each series, there will be a live Q&A regarding all the flash presentations that have been played and all authors will be present to answer your questions, the target is to create discussions and bridges between several presentations.

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Monday, November 2nd

Bluefors room

Flash Session 1A

Mastroserio Ivana

Experimental proof of Quantum Zeno-assisted Noise Sensing

Wojciech Burkot

An Efficient Unstructured Search Algorithm for NISQ Era Quantum Computers

Huber Nieto-Chaupis

Theory of Machine Learning Based on Non Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Alexander Urech

A programmable Rydberg quantum simulator

Jovana Petrovic

Quantum walk and bend-free coupling in commensurable waveguide arrays

Flash Session 1B

Leo Rogers

A Faster Objective Function for Making Quantum Circuits Nearest Neighbour Compliant

Timo Hillmann

Universal Gate-Set for Continuous-Variable Quantum Computation with Microwave Circuits

Jeremy Adcock

Mapping graph state orbits under local complementation

Vladimir V. Egorov

Quantum-classical mechanics as an alternative to quantum mechanics for a broad audience

Vladimir Vargas-Calderón

Solving the traveling salesman problem through variational Monte Carlo

Krzysztof Pomorski

Analytical view on tunnable electrostatic quantum swap gate in tight-binding model

Kiutra room

Flash Session 2A

Fabrizio Moro

Realization of Universal Quantum Gates with Spin-Qudits in Colloidal Quantum Dots

Alejandro Jenkins

A quantum theory of triboelectricity

Vishvendra Singh Poonia

Quantum photocell based on GaN quantum dots

Gergő Thiering

Closing the spin polarization loop of NV(-) – the role of pseudo Jahn-Teller interaction in the spin selective decay

Nicola Massari

Compact Silicon Technology based Quantum Random Number Generators

Melkoud Samir

Effect of wells thickness disorder on the quantum magneto-transport properties in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs multi-quantum wells near wavelength infrared detector

Flash Session 2B

Maria Gieysztor

Heralded single photon absorption by nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond

Pau Farrera

Single trapped atoms coupled to crossed fiber cavities

Steven sagona-stophel

Room Temperature Rubidium cells for photon-photon processing

Cathryn Michaels

Towards quantum networks with group IV colour centres in diamond

Luisa Esguerra Rodriguez

Quantum Memories suited for Space

Sonali Gera

MHz bandwidth source of single photons tuned to Rubidium transition

Tuesday, November 3rd

Bluefors room

Flash Session 1A

Chiara Decaroli

Elements of scaling for ion-trap quantum computing

Martin Wagener

Fabrication of an ion trap – cavity module for quantum networks

Krzysztof Pomorski

Analytic view on N body interaction in electrostatic quantum gates and decoherence effects intight-binding model

Xingyu Bao

Fiber-based ion trap integrated with a high-finesse fiber cavity

Vladimir Hizhnyakov

Rare-Earth Mixed Crystals for Fast Optical Quantum Computers

Flash Session 1B

Pablo Antonio Moreno Casares

A Quantum Interior-Point Predictor-Corrector Algorithm for Linear Programming

Arie Bar-Haim

Mapping a finite and an infinite Hadamard quantum walk onto a unique case of a random walk process

Supanut Thanasilp

Expressibility and trainability of parameterized analog quantum systems for machine learning applications

Krzysztof Pomorski

Analytic view on N body interaction in electrostatic quantum gates and decoherence effects intight-binding model

Hikaru Wakaura

Deriving full energy levels by one Subspace-Search Variational Quantum Eigensolver using frame superposition clusters

Benjamin Tan

Qubit-efficient encoding schemes for binary optimisation problems

Kiutra room

Flash Session 2A

Ghofrane Bel Hadj Aissa

A differential geometrical approach to entanglement estimation

Kai-Niklas Schymik

Towards Arrays of Cryogenic Traps for Improved Quantum Simulation

Alex Davis

Conditional preparation of non-Gaussian quantum optical states by mesoscopic measurement

Luca De Paolis

Testing Pauli Exclusion Principle for electrons at the LNGS underground laboratory

Flash Session 2B

ZheXian Koong

Coherent Dynamics in Quantum Emitters under Dichromatic Excitation

Cameron Calcluth

Simulatability of CV architectures with bosonic encoding

Juan Rafael Alvarez Velasquez

Cavity-based photon-generation schemes using STIRAP re-preparation

Petr Marek

Benchmarking photon number resolving detectors

David Beke

Room Temperature Defect Qubits in Ultrasmall Silicon Carbide Nanocrystals

Hallmann Óskar Gestsson

A new potentially integrable source of on-demand path-entangled GHZ photon triplets

ID Quantique room

Flash Session 3A

Lorenzo Rocutto

A complete restricted Boltzmann machine on an adiabatic quantum computer

Jack Saywell

Optimal control methods for enhancing the sensitivity and robustness of atom interferometric sensors

Leonid Krivitsky

Coupling of Emission from SiV center in diamond to Si3N4 Photonic Platform

Yaroslav Derikov

New materials combining properties of liquid crystals and inorganic semiconductor quantum dots

Sofia Pazzagli

A Hybrid 2D Material/Dye Molecule Quantum Emitter For Quantum Nanophotonics

Flash Session 3B

Mackrine Nahra

SiV- color centers in nanodiamonds with excellent spectral properties for quantum photonics

Arturo Rojas-Santana

Optical coherence tomography based on induced coherence with a pulsed pump

Josué Ricardo León Torres

Ultrabright photon-pair source based on MgO:LN waveguide chips for quantum fluorescence microscopy

Auxiliadora Padrón Brito

Transients of the quantum light retrieved from Rydberg polaritons

Robert Chapman

Modeling and Control of a Reconfigurable Photonic Circuit using Deep Learning

Yong Yu

Measurement-device-independent verification of a quantum memory

Wednesday, November 4th

Bluefors room

Flash Session 1A

Roberto Mottola

Storing single photons in a room-temperature vapor cell

Dario Lago-Rivera

Indistinguishable sources of telecom and quantum memory-compatible photon pairs: towards a quantum repeater testbed

Aditya Sharma

Effects of hyperfine structure on atomic frequency comb formation and pulse storage in Pr:YSO

Stephan Kucera

Segmented ion trap with integrated fiber cavity

Lukas Hartung

Using cavity QED to create single photons and optical cat-states

Lukas Heller

A cold atom temporally multiplexed quantum memory with cavity-enhanced noise suppression

Flash Session 1B

Vladyslav Usenko

Squeezing beats turbulence in free-space continuous-variable quantum cryptography

Tecla Gabbrielli

Mid-Infrared balanced detector for quantum light characterization

Radim Hošák

Effect of source statistics on utilizing photon entanglement in quantum key distribution

Daniel Urrego

Experimental demonstration of a quantum-inspired Fredkin gate based on spatial modes of light

Lorenzo Moro

Using deep learning for digitally controlled STIRAP

Kiutra room

Flash Session 2A

Artur Niezgoda

Cooperatively-enhanced precision of hybrid light-matter sensors

Robert Rengelink

New frontiers of inertial sensing with very long baseline atom interferometry

Maria Gieysztor

Resolution limits in microscopy with correlated photon pairs

Merieme Benaadad

Quantum simulation of optoelectronic properties of nanostructures multi quantum wells InAs/GaSb type II LWIR and MWIR infrared detectors

Jake Biele

Quantum Absorption Estimation for Saturable Samples

Flash Session 2B

Juliette Monsel

Optomechanical cooling efficiency: the cost of turning a valve

Francesca Fama

Towards superradiant frequency references

Huber Nieto-Chaupis

Compton Scattering as a Geodesic Path at the Bloch’s Sphere

Martin Bielak

Ultra high fidelity preparation and measurement of polarization using twisted nematic liquid crystals

Neil Vladimir Corzo Trejo

Design and Construction of the first Portable Quantum Gravimeter in Mexico

Huber Nieto-Chaupis

Pseudo Feyman Amplitudes in Classical Electrodynamics

ID Quantique room

Flash Session 3A

Hernán Indíbil de la Cruz Calvo

Quantum Computer simulation improving

Huber Nieto-Chaupis

Theory of quantum simulation of Dirac Delta functions in quantum electrodynamics

Panagiotis Giounanlis

Electrostatic Control and Entanglement of Silicon Qubits in 22nm FDSOI process

Jan Gwinner

Benchmarking 16-element Quantum Search Algorithms on Superconducting Quantum Processors

Flash Session 3B

Florin Lucian Constantin

THz electric field calibration with two-photon spectroscopy of cold trapped HD+

Yoder Suaza

Non-linear optical properties of a molecular ion confined in GaAs-GaAlAs semiconductor ring nanostructure under intense laser field

Mario David Ayala Quitiaquez

Nonlinear optical properties modelling of quantum rings having rectangle-shaped holes

Alexey Merekalov

Theoretical description of the optical properties of nematic nanocomposites with gold and silver nanoparticles

Santiago Ríos Álvarez

Numerical modeling of nonlinear optical properties in semiconductor diamond-shaped quantum ring with elliptical hole

Rafael Santos

Self-testing of quantum devices based on quantum contextuality