Schedule Flash Presentations Day 4

Schedule overview (CEST)

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  • 3:04 PM                         
  • 3:08 PM                         
  • 3:12 PM                         
  • 3:16 PM                         
  • 3:20 PM                         

Flash Session 1: MHR
Session Chair: John Helmann
Main Room

  • Marianne Ilbert
    Copper stress induces protein aggregation and triggers Hsp33 holdase function through a non-redox mechanism
  • Cristina Sarasa
    Structural properties of the transcriptional regulator FurC (PerR) from Anabaena sp. PCC7120 and identification of a putative FurC-box
  • André Gouveia
    Structural characterization of Deinococcus radiodurans Dps2 with manganese: Expression, purification and crystallization
  • Jorge Guío
    Interaction of Ferric Uptake Regulator FurA from Anabaena sp. PCC7120 with 2-oxoglutarate: a possible link between iron homeostasis and nitrogen metabolism
  • Romaric Magerand
    Characterization of the stress-induced molecular signal that activates IrrE, a metalloprotease essential for extreme radiation resistance in Deinococcus bacteria.
  • Q&A Session

Flash Session 2: MHP
Session Chair: Alain Stintzi
Second Room

  • Saleh Alquethamy
    Overcoming metal intoxication – Elucidating the zinc resistance pathways of Acinetobacter baumannii
    Second Conference Room
  • Katherine Ganio
    Biochemical and structural characterisation of the Haemophilus influenzae PsaA ortholog, HIPsaA
  • Tomer Rosen
    Metal Sequestration and Antimicrobial Activity of Human Calprotectin are pH-Dependent
  • Marina Zupan
    The molecular basis for zinc uptake via Streptococcus pneumoniae AdcAII
  • Filipe Folgosa
    he role of Clostridium difficiles flavodiiron proteins in its ability to survive within the human host
  • Q&A Session
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