Prof. Anne-Marie Caminade

Coordination Chemistry Lab of Toulouse and University of Toulouse, France

Anne-Marie Caminade is Director of Research Exceptional Class at the CNRS, and the head of the “Dendrimers and Heterochemistry” group at the LCC-Toulouse (France). After two PhDs in Toulouse and two Post-docs (IFP-Paris and Von Humboldt fellow in Saarbrücken), she holds a CNRS researcher position since 1985. She developed several aspects of phosphorus chemistry. Her current research interest is on dendrimers (hyperbranched nanomolecules), in particular on their use as catalysts, for nanomaterials and for biology/nanomedicine. She is the co-author of about 445 publications, 50 book chapters, 2 books,  and 30 patents (h index 61).


The PEMED 2018 Scientific Committee is composed of experienced Professors and Doctors experts in Personalized and Precision Medicine who are in charge of assessing the submitted papers based on the peer review method. The list of its members will be published soon on this page.

Prof. Omer Iqbal

Loyola University Medical Center, USA

Dr. Ronald Przygodzki

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Dr. Farzin Roohvand

Pasteur Institute of Iran

Dr. Honey Reddi

Clinical Laboratory Director, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, USA

Mr. Mark Punyanitya

PhenoMx, USA

Dr. Shanrong Zhao

Director, Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development, USA

Dr. Maurice Treacy

Genomics Medicine Ireland

Dr. Eric Sasso

Crescendo Bioscience, USA

Prof. Vijay Chandru

Strand Life Sciences, India

Dr. Pallavi Sachdev

Eisai Inc, USA

Dr. Thomas Willis

Illumina Ventures, USA

Dr. Kaja Milanowska

Ardigebn SA, Poland

Prof. Zemin Zhan

Peking University, China

Prof. Richard O’Kennedy

Dublin City University – School of Biotechnology, Ireland

Prof. Kailas Sonawane

Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India

Dr. Paul T. Henderson

University of California, Davis, USA